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  • Date Updated: April 17, 2019

Currently, there are many popular PC games that are modified and released on mobile platforms to serve everyone’s entertainment needs. Among the current popular manufacturers, ELECTRONIC ARTS is a prominent producer with many interesting games. The products they released include: SimCity BuildIt, Need for Speed: No Limits, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and many other products. Recently, ELECTRONIC ARTS has partnered with FIFA to release an interesting sports game FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019.

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Attractive mobile version

As everyone knows, FIFA Online is a series of popular PC-based games about football content and has many hits in the world. After the successful success of the PC platform with many different versions, FIFA has decided to release a new and attractive mobile version to serve everyone’s current entertainment trend.

In FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 for iOS, you will still be able to experience lively and exciting matches. The manufacturer has prepared an authentic image system with smooth movements and vivid sound for players to explore. The game is well prepared from gameplay to the interface system to create comfort for players. Besides, it is also prepared many attractive features for people to experience such as player transfer or player upgrade.

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The game still provides you with exciting matches between many different teams on many famous stadiums. When participating in matches, you get an interesting virtual key system with unique functions to experience. On the device’s screen, on the left side of the screen is still a familiar joystick to control the players. On the right side of the screen will be prepared four virtual keys: Slide, 2nd Off, Switch and Sprint & Tackle. The virtual keys on the right are responsible for helping you perform skills such as passing the ball or kicking the ball.

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In addition to being directly involved in each match, you are allowed to change players in each match and arrange a lineup before the experience. The arrangement of the formation for the club needs to be scientifically calculated and have reasonable strategies. Depending on the skill and strength of each player, use the tournament diagram wisely to win multiple victories.

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With the ability to own a global club and competition, you are also entitled to transfer of players after each tournament. Transfer of players will help you recruit players with good skills for the club. Besides, you can use many different training modes to train and improve skills for players. The training and upgrading system for players is an interesting experience that you should not ignore. Create the best players for the club and use them scientifically in every match.

Are you ready?

FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 brings many exciting images and challenges of the world’s number one sport. If you are a fan of FIFA Online series, you must join this game immediately. Experience and share with friends to enjoy the top-notch football matches right on your device.