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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 139 MB
  • Date Updated: July 28, 2019

After the great success of the predecessor games, Voodoo continues to bring another surprise for players as they release Fire Balls 3D. This is a completely new and unique game; it will bring a lot of interesting experience for players with unique gameplay. However, this game is also a game that is Voodoo very caring; they also want to bring players the new impression through the graphic design of this game. Right now, you can learn more about the game by following up on my reviews.

fire balls 3d 1

A new game

Voodoo developer has given people a lot of surprises; they always want to use their creativity to make the players happy. All games from Voodoo have a distinct style, and it’s not like any other game. Fire Balls 3D for Android is also a very innovative game; it has simple gameplay and players can join the game immediately. As soon as you start, the game will give you a cannon. You can use your cannon to shoot powerful bullets and destroy towers that appear on the screen of the device. However, the game also creates a lot of difficulties for players to pass. Outside the tower will appear obstacles; these obstacles will prevent your bullets. If you hit these obstacles, you will fail immediately, and you will have to play again.

Fire Balls 3D – Hit the stack!

Obstacles will appear more at higher difficulty levels, and you will face a huge challenge when you have to overcome higher difficulty levels. Of course, you will have to calm down and handle the situation most cleverly to achieve high scores in this game. Also, new cannons are something that many players are interested in. You can use the diamonds you collect after completing various difficulty levels to purchase new equipment for yourself. Sure, you will feel much more excited and can not stop playing the game.

fire balls 3d 2

Sharp graphics

As I mentioned above, 3D Fire Balls own a very sharp 3D graphics design. It can be said; this is the game received a huge investment of Voodoo. You will be impressed by this game right from the start of the game; its different colors will make you feel excited. Moreover, the various details of the game are also designed very soft and beautiful; it gives players the best gaming experience. One more thing, the sound of the game is very simple design. But it will also make you more focused so that you can get through the difficulty level more easily.

fire balls 3d 3


In general, Fire Balls 3D will be a great way to relieve stress after hours of stressful work. Its unique gameplay and sharp graphics will make you feel good. Game’s of Voodoo contains a lot of ads; this game is no exception. You can turn off your device’s network connections to get the most out of your gaming experience.