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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: June 27, 2018

Fishdom is a game of Match-3 style entertainment that is very familiar to players around the globe. The game was released by Playrix Games maker many years ago, and it has brought unexpected success to this manufacturer. Anyone wants to own a fish tank in their room. However, there are many who do not have enough conditions as their house is too cramped, they do not have enough time to take care of their fish or simply because they are not economically qualified. This game will give them the ability to build a beautiful fish tank right on their mobile device, and they can create their unique fish tank. Come to this game and build your dream aquarium!

fishdom 4

Create your dream aquarium

When you join the game, you will own a fish tank. But your fish tank will not have fish, and you want to find ways to buy different fish to add to your precious collection. Therefore, you will have to solve the challenging Match-3 puzzles in this game to build your aquarium. Just like traditional Match-3 games, you’ll have to use your fingers to perform the swapping of sea creatures on your device’s screen to form a row or column of three types. With each successful swap, these sea creatures will disappear, and you will receive a bonus.

fishdom 5

Fishdom Mod Gems will not be as easy as you think, as you have reached the higher levels of difficulty in the game, the more you will face the many challenges that the game offers. You will have to solve puzzles for the limited time that the game offers or solves puzzles with many obstacles. You will have to solve these puzzles to collect as much money as you can to build your aquarium. A tip for you to make the most money quickly, you will have to pay attention to the columns or rows capable of creating large Combo. You will do the job of swapping positions with these columns or rows to create the extremely beautiful combo and bring you many bonus points and bonuses.

Fishdom – Create your dream aquarium

After completing the difficulty level, you will receive bonus corresponding to the level of evaluation coming from the game. Of course, you will use the money you earn to buy new fish and other decorations to make your aquarium beautiful. The game offers three different options for players to choose from such as Fish, Beauty and Comfort. Players are free to purchase different types of fish and ornaments for the amount of money they own. Your aquarium will be more beautiful and varied when you cared for it every single day.

fishdom 1

Beautiful graphics

Fishdom Mod Money gives the player a nice 2.5D graphic design. You will be creating fish tank extremely beautiful in the game in his style. The fish and all other decorations are displayed very clearly and eye-catching on the screen of the device. The sound of the fish is simulated in real life so that players feel like they have a real fish tank.

fishdom 3

I like Fishdom!

Fishdom is my favourite match-3 game. This game has satisfied my passion for raising fish and making it come true; I can watch my fish tank and take care of it every day with all my attention. If you also want to create a beautiful aquarium, then join this game.