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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 42 MB
  • Date Updated: March 2, 2019

With the aim of creating lots of exciting relaxation games for everyone, Ketchapp producer always brings easy experiences and lots of exciting emotions to everyone. The experiences they provide are often light and suitable for many different ages. Whether adults or children, all can easily experience these games and get many different emotions. Recently, they released a new game, and it promises to bring players new emotions. With unique fishing challenges, Fisherman will give you the most comfortable relaxation time. You do not need to compete fiercely, simply fishing and accumulating many interesting achievements.

fisherman 1

Discover the game

Fisherman for iOS aims to create a fun and gentle experience for everyone. The challenge of fishing is simple and helps you relieve stress in the best way. You just need to catch different types of fish and collect rare fish. You just need to collect fish according to your personal preferences and explore many interesting fishing locations. Many kinds of fish are waiting for you to collect and much attractive support equipment will help you collect much beautiful fish.

fisherman 5

Collection of beautiful fishes

Players have the opportunity to experience attractive fishing challenges when collecting a variety of unique fish. You will be taken to many different areas to perform unique fishing missions. When experienced, the game will give a certain amount of time. You are allowed to fish for a limited time. Interestingly, this limited time is designed according to the principles of daytime and sunset. During the limited time, the challenge start times will be designed according to the day. And the end of the challenge will be at sunset. With time design in a unique way, you are free to enjoy the most authentic entertainment space.

Fisherman for Android/iOS – Gameplay

During the time of the request, you must collect a variety of fish. Each type of fish will help you get your rewards and scores. Basic types of fish will provide basic bonus points. And rare fishes will provide high reward points. Drop the bait correctly to collect a variety of rare items. Also, successfully collecting a different type of fish helps you expand your fishing record.

fisherman 4

Many interesting changes

Besides the unique types of fish, you can freely modify the fishing rod or equip new types of bait. Edit fishing rods so you can drop the bait on deeper areas than the water and collect a variety of rare items. Change and use a variety of new bait to easily collect fish. With good quality baits, you will easily be able to collect many types of fish in limited time.

fisherman 3


Fisherman APK Mod has impressive and carefully designed 2D graphics with different types of fish. The fish are designed and moved in a lively way, creating a lot of fun when relaxing. The use of a colour system scientifically helps the game’s theme to be more beautiful and realistic.

fisherman 2


Fisherman is simple and fun, so this is the best option to experience when relaxing. The simplicity of the game creates many exciting experiences without making you feel tired.