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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 98 MB
  • Date Updated: May 24, 2019

Fit the Fat 3 – New version of the fun game series produced by FIVE BITS, INC. It is the most anticipated game in recent times. You will discover exciting and unique sports challenges to train yourself. With this game, you will see the importance of exercise. In today’s modern lifestyle, comfort, and fast food are making people obese. In particular, obesity can lead to some cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, people need to pay attention to their diet and exercise regularly. Discover this game to relax and have more motivation to exercise.

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Health training is an interesting activity

Similar to previous versions, Fit the Fat three continues to challenge people with various tasks to exercise and lose weight. However, this new version has been upgraded with more challenges, and you can compete with more players worldwide. The game is prepared with many different challenges for you to practice your health. Each challenge will have its requirements for you to complete. You can only lose weight successfully by working hard to care for your health.

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The first thing when you join the game is you have to choose the character to experience. The manufacturer has designed many different characters for you to freely choose and use your favorite character. Tasks and challenges will be prepared in the same way as a physical training plan. There will be many challenges with unique requirements for you to exercise your body continuously and help eliminate excess fat for your body. Players can explore some tasks like cycling, running or gym and many other things.

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To eliminate excess fat for your body and get good health, your character needs to overcome challenges according to scientific training plans. You will have to control the character to overcome the required tasks. While performing tasks, you can do it alone or compete fairly with many others. The manufacturer encourages you to compete with many other players to get more exciting emotions.

Fit the Fat 3 – The Fitness Awakens…Again…

Besides overcoming health training plans, you are also allowed to unlock and use many different characters. The characters will be unlocked using bonuses. You will accumulate more bonuses by continuously participating in health training tasks. With this bonus, you will discover many beautiful costumes and unique accessories for the character. In particular, each character is also prepared their own stories. Therefore, players will have to collect character-related stories to create an interesting comic about their characters.

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Fit the Fat 3 has beautiful 3D graphics and funny designed characters. Your fitness challenges will take place at many unique maps. On these maps, there are many obstacles to overcome. With multiple maps and a variety of obstacles, your challenges will be more appealing, and you can focus on experiencing continuously.