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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 70 MB
  • Date Updated: July 16, 2019

Flaming Core – The crazy challenge with many unique obstacles will make you excited. This game is built with an attractive challenge system that many other games do not have. Traps and obstacles that appear on the map are waiting for you to pass. You will have to move quickly and scientifically to win. The game was released by Habby; you will love the activities of this game. An exciting and creative experience is right in front of you, joining right now to challenge your reflexes.

flaming core 1

Impressive challenges

Flaming Core for iOS is a large-scale attack in the world of machines. Electronic devices have been hacked, and you are the only detail that has not been hacked. The player is tasked to overcome many obstacles along the way to defeat this attack. Many unique challenges and diverse movements will make you feel more excited. All challenges have the task of preventing you from winning, overcoming them and fulfilling the requirements of the game.

flaming core 2

Overcome challenges and get many rewards

You will control a ball, and you must overcome many different obstacles. The various obstacles are built to bring impressive challenges. To control the ball, you just need to touch the screen of the device and create many different paths. These paths need to be created quickly and accurately so that the ball can overcome many obstacles. In particular, some obstacles can fire many bullets at once. You need to pay close attention, avoid these bullets and destroy obstacles.

Flaming Core – when bullet-time meets marbles

Over 160 levels and a series of impressive maps are waiting for you to explore. Each level is designed with a separate map so you will encounter many difficulties. The obstacles and pitfalls in each map are scientifically arranged, so you need to watch carefully before moving. Pitfalls and obstacles create a powerful defence system; players need good concentration to complete the level.

flaming core 3

Increase your reflexes

With the variety of maps and the arrangement of many obstacles scientifically, you will overcome many fascinating challenges. To win, you need to create more accurate directions or take advantage of the terrain of each map. You are taking advantage of the walls on the map to move faster, touch and hold to perform Bullet-Time. This is an interesting skill to help you overcome many pitfalls and obstacles in each level. This skill can be used continuously and without limits. Move wisely so you can use this skill regularly.

Unique graphics

Flaming Core APK Mod is built with a world of exciting machines. Obstacles and maps of the game are designed with the unique style of the machinery world. The interface is beautifully designed with many colours and wide space to provide a lot of vivid images for users. With a smooth motion, challenges become more attractive. Unique machine images and beautiful colours make you feel like you are experiencing war in the vast universe.

flaming core 4

Are you ready?

Flaming Core is an interesting challenge to improve your reflexes. You will have to look at the map quickly and give reasonable options to overcome many different pitfalls. A simple challenge but requires good reflex skills.