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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • File size: 194 MB
  • Date Updated: May 24, 2019

Billiards is a popular game and enjoyed by men on holidays. This sport is well known and has many exciting tournaments held every year in many different countries. It is a fun entertainment sport; you can comfortably relax alone or with friends when you have free time. If you don’t have the opportunity to explore real-world billiards, you can explore Flick Pool Star. This unique game is developed based on the content of billiards, and it now has a version for iOS operating system.

Flick Pool Star 2

Real simulation game

Flick Pool Star APK Mod is released and updated to the latest version on May 13, 2019. It is produced by VOODOO and has more than thousands of downloads recently. The game has a unique gameplay system and simple controls. From there, you and everyone will be able to relax anywhere without having many complicated operations. You can entertain yourself while walking or traveling on public transport. Overall, this game is an attractive option to relieve stress that you should not ignore.

Flick Pool Star 1


The game will bring you the fun challenges of billiards. However, it is designed with some new features and promises to bring you interesting experiences. Coming to the game, you have the task of using a white ball to bring the colored balls and own numbers to the prepared holes on the table billiards. To do that, you just need to touch the screen and make the correct flick. In particular, the movements of the game are prepared according to horizontal and vertical row systems. Therefore, you can freely make flicks quickly and accurately.

Flick Pool Star 3

The manufacturer has prepared a billiards level system and tables for people to explore. Each level is designed with different billiards table styles, and you will never feel bored. With many types of billiards version also brings you many unique experiences and help you get more fun. To complete the level, you must pass many different stages. Each level will be prepared with five different stages. And in each of these stages, you need to put all the balls on the table billiards down the hole. Overcoming five stages in each level will allow you to experience the next level.

Flick Pool Star for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides simple and understandable elements, the game will require players to get smart observation. With horizontal and vertical movements, you need to carefully calculate the positions on the billiards table to complete the task. If you have not observed and rushed to make flicks, you will not be able to bring all the balls down. To bring the balls into the hole, the position of the white ball needs to be arranged appropriately.

Flick Pool Star 4


Flick Pool Star is a game that helps players quickly relax but also requires good logical thinking ability to complete the challenge. Good observation will help you quickly pass levels. Conversely, you lack the patience and lack of computation that will cause you to play again and again to complete the level.