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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: June 10, 2019

Gymnastics is an attractive and famous sport around the world. This sport is also chosen to play in many major sports tournaments around the world. In order to become a professional athlete of gymnastics, athletes need to train continuously to improve their health and gain confidence. From these attractive factors, Ketchapp decided to release a product with a similar challenge. And this new game they named Flip Man!. You will discover many unique movements of gymnastics and experience the feeling of becoming a true athlete.

Flip Man 2

Become an athlete

Flip Man! APK Mod Possesses addictive gameplay and brings many unique moves for everyone to relax. You will control a character and overcome the obstacles of the game. You have to rotate in many circles to gain momentum and jump from one position to another without falling to the ground. Turning and jumping to the required position will help you complete the quest to accumulate bonus points. The movements of the game are not too complicated, but for the movement to become stable, you need to control your character well.

Flip Man 3

Easy to understand control

To reach the required position without falling to the ground, players need to have fast and accurate control operations. To rotate multiple rounds continuously, you must touch and hold your hand on the screen. With long distances, rotating multiple loops will help you gain momentum and help you jump further. Nearby, you only need to perform a single touch operation to jump to the required position. At close range, the one-touch operation is a safe control for you to easily complete the challenge. Note, carefully observe the distance of each position on the map to get the most reasonable control.

Flip Man! – Physics based gymnastics game

Collect bonuses and unlock more items

In each level, the manufacturer will prepare separate tournament maps. And on each of these maps will appear many gold coins in different positions. Besides successfully moving to a safe location, players must also try to collect gold coins in different positions. Successfully collecting each gold coin will help players create new achievements. Also, these gold coins are used to unlock many beautiful characters.

Flip Man 4

After unlocking new characters, players can use a variety of attractive costumes to experience. Like the characters, the game’s costumes will require separate funds to unlock. More beautiful and unique costumes will have greater value. Try to complete the mission and accumulate lots of bonuses to get access to a variety of game items.

Flip Man 1


Flip Man! is one of the simplest games and has the most downloads available today. It brings a lot of fun to the players and helps them relieve stress after a hard working time. To discover and install games quickly, you can use our link.