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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 271 MB
  • Date Updated: December 18, 2018

Besides the development of games with complex content, the simple content games also received the attention of many people. Simple-to-play games often provide users with unique but fun challenges. These challenges will make the user more interested in the game, and these games are generally suitable for everyone. Flip Rush! is a simple content game and is highly regarded by the audience as being produced by Lion Studios. This is also a well-known manufacturer with many simple games in the mobile gaming market.

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High-speed challenge

Experience the speed with Flip Rush! for Android, everyone will be involved in the match attractive and fun. You will have to move constantly, manipulate the character to acrobatics and get gold coins. People will constantly move and move forward with unique challenges along with high speed. With the genre Endless Runner, people are sure to get used to it through Temple Run. Therefore, people will easily experience and get good control when participating in the game.

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Overcoming challenges

Although, Flip Rush! APK Mod It is classified as Endless Run. But when you experience it, you will not encounter many obstacles along the way. In retrospect, everyone’s test of the experience is acrobatics; people will have to travel the same way as with the roller coaster. People will move at high speed and after going uphill, people will have to perform acrobatic moves to receive gold coins. This is a unique and extremely attractive feature that will make people love and addicted to this game. Note, when doing acrobatic aerial phases with more time will help you get more gold coins.

Flip Rush! – So Flipping Fun!

You will have to move and acrobat continuously, the game is built with many levels along with the unique moving paths that bring many challenges for everyone to experience. Tackling and crossing paths will help you unlock and take on the challenges of other levels. The higher the level, the more complex your route is, so you need to control the speed. If your character is overturned, you will fail and play again.

flip rush 2


Flip Rush! for iOS Have a good image quality and gameplay fit. With this simple yet engaging content, the picture quality of the game is appreciated and brings a lot of fun experiences. Space is designed to be normal and easy to see, images are usually focused on the character and movement path. With a diverse design, people will gather many unique characters with lots of beautifully prepared details. These features will give people comfort and bring more joy when experiencing. A series of beautiful characters along with many acrobatic moves make the experience more exciting.

Last comment

You love the simplicity and lightness you want to experience easily in a variety of locations with varied modes? Flip Rush! Would be a great choice. This game will provide you with unique challenges along with engaging gameplay. You can experience alone in offline mode or compete with many players in online mode. Fun and addictive activities are waiting for you in the forefront, using the shared link at the bottom of the article to join the challenge right now.