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Besides the luxurious dishes in restaurants or fast food shops, street food always brings interesting experiences for everyone. In European countries, the food truck is a familiar name and associated with many people’s lifestyles. The food truck always brings many attractive dishes that still fit the financial capacity of many people. Based on the simple and appropriate lifestyle of everyone’s daily needs with a food truck. Recently, producer Tilting Point has released Food Truck Chef. With this game, you will have the opportunity to discover the unique features of street food culture. Besides, you also have the opportunity to own a food truck for yourself and bring many great dishes for everyone.

food truck chef 3

Cooking is a fascinating art

In Food Truck Chef APK Mod, you are allowed to move to many beautiful locations and bring many delicious dishes to everyone. You are provided with a food truck, and you must serve the best food to customers. There are many different recipes and dishes for you to process and serve customers. Besides, your customers will be very diverse, and they belong to all different classes in society. Managing a truck is not too complicated, but requires a scientific management plan.

food truck chef 4

Customers will come to your food truck and order the dishes on the menu. From the customer’s request, you will have to try to process the dishes in the fastest way to serve them. Besides ordering, customers also have limited time for you to serve food. If you serve the food within the time allowed, you will receive a bonus. Conversely, if you don’t serve your customers in time, they will leave. Try to process and serve customers in the fastest way to get more bonuses.

Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game – Time Management, Pizza Fever

Upgrade food truck

With the accumulated money from customer service, you can buy new and add many cooking tools for your food truck. Expanding the kitchen and buying new cookware will require you to use lots of bonuses. Therefore, you need to have a plan to upgrade the science in different stages to match the challenges of the game. If you don’t build a reasonable food truck upgrade plan, you won’t get the profit you need to keep growing.

food truck chef 5

Besides serving customers and getting bonuses, you are also required to perform several different tasks. Completing each assigned task will help you gain experience points and level up. Leveling is important; increasing your level will allow you to access more new cooking tools and unlock more recipes. Also, the upgrade allows buying and decorating many different things for your food truck. Decorating food truck will help you get more customers. Decorate the food truck according to your style and create many attractive images for the game.

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Food Truck Chef is a simple game that brings lots of fun to players. With the above gameplay, it is suitable for different ages and families with children. Besides, the gentle content of the game also brings comfort to you and helps you have fun entertainment time.