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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $8.99
  • File size: 1 GB
  • Date Updated: April 28, 2018

If you are a fan of football sports then definitely cannot ignore Football Manager Mobile 2018 football management game. Previously, there were many games on sports football was extremely attractive and a lot of people around the world appreciate. In particular, such as Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Fifa 17 and Soccer Manager. Today, we will introduce you to the game Football Manager Mobile 2018 extremely attractive and has a lot of new features.

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Football Manager Mobile 2018 for iOS is sold by SEGA on both Android and iOS operating systems for $ 8.99. This is a very popular publisher and is known around the world. The publisher also has many attractive games such as Virtua Tennis Challenge, Sonic Dash and Streets of Rage Classic. Following that success, Football Manager Mobile 2018 for Android will become a very attractive and famous game. So let’s learn more about this game.

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Attractive gameplay

Come to FMM 2018 APK Mod; you will become a manager and a professional football coach. You will have to deal with all the problems of a professional team such as transferring players, arranging the team and leading the team to become champions. This is a very difficult job, and you will have to use a lot of tactics to complete.

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Your job is also extremely varied; you will have to constantly change the players to avoid the regretful injuries in the team. Financial management of the team and the transfer of the team to keep the financial stability. Sell unneeded players and buy quality players to improve the team. This is very important if your financial management is not good, then your team will probably go bankrupt, and you will have to start over again.

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Football Manager Mobile 2018 (FMM 2018) APK/IPA

Of course, all financial management and team-alignment work towards the ultimate goal of winning big. The win will come from a variety of factors, from the purchase of quality players and streamlined team. Along with, the tactical factor in each match is extremely important to determine the outcome of the game.

In each match, you will have to choose the appropriate tactics to overwhelm the opponent. However, your opponents also have very good players, always balance the attack and defence to avoid the unfortunate failure. The game will give players 17 first prizes from different countries around the world. Try to win all the prizes to get a lot of bonuses. You can use that bonus to buy more superstars to improve the outcome of the game.

Graphic design

Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK Download has a very intuitive graphic design that allows players to easily observe and use the functions of the game. Also, the game also has a flat design graphic design is very simple and beautiful. Sure, with such graphic design, you will be very familiar with the useful functions of the game.

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Some positive reviews of players around the world

– Adesina Babatunde: “I’ll would have given 5 star rating if only I can manage other teams from a different league. Teams within the same league can appoint managers from another league but even when a position becomes available I can not apply for the vacant position. Can you make it happen please. Thanks in advance.”

– Kieran kehir: “I mean I love this game, spend alot of time on it and have found myself 14 seasons in and have taken Stockport to the very top, I have a striker who now has 500 career goals for my club and 4 consecutive English player of the year awards, which is amazing but he’s not once been inducted into the World XI once despite being top goalscorer in Europe for the past 4 seasons and not 1 England cap. So I don’t get what is going on but all I know is Ezeikel Semple is the best striker in the world.”

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If you are interested in this game, you can download the game for Android and iOS under the link below. Please quickly download and install the game to help your team champion all tournaments. Have fun playing the game!