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The world’s number one sport always impresses the fans. Football is a sport worth mentioning. Major league football such as Champion league, EURO, and World Cup … The top clubs like Man City, Liverpool and Manchester United … have always received the attention of many. All emotions are from football, tears, and smiles, only in this sport. The winner goes on; the loser must stop. The new season has begun, you can enjoy the Football Master 2018. The championship is waiting for you, join and become the champion of the 2018 season.

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Football Master 2018 APK Mod is a football management game. You are a coach; you are responsible for leading your team to win the championship. You will be on par with the famous coaches such as Marcelo Lippi, Jose Mourinho, and Sir Alex Ferguson. As a coach, you pick your favorite team and guide them. The top teams such as Man City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona … and many other teams. Also, people have the right to hire the most famous players or the most expensive players in the world today. You will have the opportunity to own such players as Philippe Coutinho of FC Barcelona, ​​Paul Pogba of Manchester United, Eden Hazard of Chelsea FC, Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City,…

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How to play

The game takes you to become a football coach. The coach is the person who has the team’s information. You are the one who has all the information of the player such as technique, defense, attack, strength, and thinking. The information above is the way to select players to match your team and win glory for you. You will join the world’s largest league La Liga, Europa Championship, Champion league and win. The way to win is to arrange the best squad of players with high stats. Also, you have to choose the right tactics to match the team, the common tactics such as 4 – 4 – 2, 4 – 5 – 1, 4 – 4 – 3, … You will easily win when Get the right tactics, so make sure you set the right team.

Football Master 2018 – Be a Top Soccer Manager


The game has beautiful graphics; Football Master 2018 for iOS shows you the football game in the most authentic way. The 360-degree swivel screen allows you to watch the match in detail. Impressive colors, beautiful technical effects, and an eye-catching interface. The details are carefully arranged, the beautiful goals and the way to celebrate the victory is impressive. Beautiful images of famous stadiums and thousands of fans and bustling sounds.

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Join the game and become the best coach. Victory is in front of your eyes and glory awaits you. With the team, you choose and overcome all difficulties in the league you find leadership in yourself. Football Master 2018 is a great game for sports fans. They can experience this game anytime. Let’s show you are the number one football fan.