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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: November 12, 2018

PlayStack is a well-known game developer, and has been successful with a lot of role-playing games such as Survival City – Zombie Base Build and Defend, Snipers vs Thieves, Stardust Battle: MOBA Arena. These games are very attractive and popular. With positive feedback from the player, PlayStack has released its next game called Fort Stars. This is a unique role-playing game and worth the experience; you will have a lot of crazy and fun experiences while playing the game with your friends.

fort stars 3

A new game

Similar to the previously released PlayStack game, Fort Stars APK Mod has simple yet addictive gameplay, and you’ll be part of many fierce battles. Collect and command impressive characters in the game to overcome the challenges and obstacles of the game. Arrange a strong and logical squad of your own to attack fortified fortresses in the game, using physical power, magic, and science to win the game.

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In the game you will collect the characters in the game to conquer the unique fortress, the game is designed with more than 17 different characters for you to learn and own. When you reach high levels in the game, you will have the opportunity to own many rare character upgrades and custom upgrades. At the start of the game experience, you will easily collect the basic characters of the game including Scary Scary, Perfect Arrow Ranger, Electrify, Runemaster and many other prominent characters. Each character of the game will have its strengths and weaknesses; to make your squad stronger, you need to upgrade your character continuously. Use the special skills of each character in a logical way to win the game.

Fort Stars – Let The Games Begin!

To experience the game, you just touch the screen of the device, because the game has been designed virtual key system is very simple and easy to use. Touch the screen to use character skills and arrange squads, destroy enemies, break enemy defense, and get rewarding rewards. You will be competing with other players through the world ranking function, meeting the requirements of the game to achieve the highest position on the world rankings. Also, to connect people the game also allows people to set up Guild to fight and chat.

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Images and sounds

Fort Stars for Android is designed with high image quality, beautiful 3D graphics, and unique horizontal viewing angles. Motion and visual effects in games are designed flexibly and are highly rated at present. The layout of the game is arranged so that the player is easy to manipulate and familiar, you will be satisfied with the attractive look of the game. The sound of the game is designed to match the gameplay. The sound in the game is great, and the player does not feel bored after playing the game for a long time.

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With excellent picture and sound quality combined with the unique gameplay of the game, you will be happy and love the game. You love the game of PlayStack should not be overlooked this great product of them. Use the share link at the bottom of the article to make the game experience more simple and enjoyable.