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Would you like to play a character, be involved in a battle that takes place on an island, become the last survivor on that island or with friends who form a team to support each other? In fact, you can go to the amusement park to have friends play shooting guns, but the cost per play is not cheap, you have to spend a lot of time to organize a go to play. I will give you a solution, that is you can stay at home or gather friends to a certain place playing Fortnite. This game is designed for the game of survival and teamwork, developed by Epic Games, possesses attractive gameplay, players can freely play their way if you want to win just live last resort.

Fortnite for pc

Gameplay flexibility

In Fortnite for iOS, you will play a character assigned to become the last survivor on an island; there will be 99 other people also have a purpose to be the last survivor like you.

On the island, there will be weapons, emergency items, construction tools, … placed in random locations; Relief packages are dropped from the planes, you can build a house by design or assemble a vehicle or weapon by collecting them in the surrounding areas.

Want to build a house but do not know where to find materials? For wood, you need to cut down trees or destroy structures made of wood; You need the stones, you just need to destroy the rocks you encounter on the way; If you need iron, you can smash old, unused equipment.

Fortnite 3.0 update

Do not be fooled by the search for raw materials, remember that your main task is to survive, so you may not need to find materials and weapons, just kill the opponent to possess the weapons and materials of they. However, when the player starts and 99 players will focus on a giant flying car to move to the abandoned island. As soon as you start parachuting, you need to adjust your umbrella to move to the location on the island you want. As soon as you reach the ground, quickly observe the surroundings to make sure you are not the target of someone, move quickly to find a weapon to protect yourself.

Hint: You should choose parachuting to the places near the houses so that you can easily find items, weapons and shelters.

Fortnite 3.0

If you think about sitting quietly in a place, waiting for people to destroy each other, then you just kill the other people, then you can easily win. To limit such negative play, the game has been programmed after a period will appear a miniature circle. You can observe that circle on the map, which indicates that the area in it is a safe area, and if any player is out of the circle, it will lose blood to death. Therefore, you are forced to move towards the centre of the circle, and certainly, when you move, you will have to fight with other players.

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Do not be too surprised about the variety of weapons, items, vehicles in Fortnite for Android. Because I mentioned from the beginning of the article that you can create your own game. But for you to fight better I will give you more information on some of the weapons in the game; they are divided into groups:

– Common weapon names are grey;
– Non-common names are green;
– Rare types have their names in blue;
– Epic type names are purple;
– Their legendary names are orange.

The higher the weapon, the greater the damage you will do to your opponent. There are two modes of play that are single and team battles for you to choose.

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Graphics – Sound

Fortnite APK Download possesses great graphics, sharp images, bright colours, diverse character formation, the design of buildings, weapons, widgets, … just like the real thing. The sound is built to create a feeling of real life for the experience.


My friends and I are extremely happy when playing Fortnite, games designed to fit many ages and gender. To download and install games on your device, visit the link below.