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  • Date Updated: September 18, 2019

Fox Sports Media Group is a major media company in the United States, and they are famous for sports commentary programs. This media company always brings important and interesting information related to many different sports. Recently, the company has partnered with Stars Mobile Limited to develop an online game with many attractive prizes for everyone to join. It is called FOX Sports Super 6 and owns prizes up to $ 250,000. Join this unique game; you have the task of competing with many other people to accurately predict the results of matches of National Football League – NFL. Each week there will be a lucky player to receive this prize. Are you ready to compete and challenge your luck with a prize of $ 250,000?

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Predict and receive rewards

National Football League – NFL is a famous rugby league in the United States and a favorite sport in this country. The match of NFL tournament is always a lot of interest. Since then, Fox Sports Media Group and Stars Mobile Limited have collaborated on producing to bring everyone a fascinating, challenging game. With the task of predicting the results of matches of NFL and related clubs. Everyone will have the opportunity to access the grand prize of $ 250,000, and each week there will be a lucky player to receive this prize. You and everyone else can only win with the most accurate or closest possible outcome.

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Can you predict correctly?

When participating in FOX Sports Super 6 for iOS, you will be provided with different matches in the National Football League – NFL. From the information provided and the clubs participating in a match, you must predict the outcome of each match. The results you anticipate need to be accurate or closest to the actual results after the end of each match. You and everyone will participate in the prediction continuously for many different matches in a week.

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To keep the prediction time constant and people are playing the game in a stable way, the manufacturer asks you to predict the results of six different matches. And these match will take place on two weekends are Saturday and Sunday. Besides, everyone also participated in anticipating special matches taking place on Thursday. Therefore, players who get the most accurate calculation and prediction will win prizes with a large cash value. Note, your device needs to be connected to the internet to be able to join the game.

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If you are a fan of rugby and want to challenge your luck Join FOX Sports Super 6 and share it with everyone around, so everyone has a chance to get the attractive prize on. A great prize with a simple request to join is waiting for you ahead.