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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 92 MB
  • Date Updated: September 21, 2019

In the medieval context, fierce battles always bring many fascinating stories for people to learn. Based on the myths and history of Scandinavia – a famous land in Northern Europe. Kefir! producer designed an authentic RPG challenge for people to explore medieval lifestyles and battles. Coming to Frostborn, people will discover many interesting stories in Northern Europe. Besides, you also participate in unique survival challenges in one of the most annoying weather systems in the world.

frostborn 2

Back to the middle ages

Due to the design based on historical elements and Norse mythology. Frostborn for iOS will bring you beautiful landscapes and interesting costumes. You and many other players will become a brave warrior to participate in many different battles. In the medieval setting, you will have to fight with many enemies and different monsters. Successfully destroying each enemy or completing a certain task will help you receive attractive rewards to upgrade your character.

frostborn 3

Harsh land for survival

At the beginning of the game, your character will be provided with some basic support skills to survive. Besides, your character will lack a variety of support items to survive. Therefore, you need to complete the assigned tasks or collect items that you find. Each item in the game will have a unique function and they will help you survive well under the harsh conditions of Scandinavia.

Frostborn for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To fight and survive, you need to collect many different items. During the experience, you will be moved to many different locations. If you want to collect and equip your characters with good technical items, you need to go through many different stages of the game. In particular, the manufacturer will not build a certain system of fighting skills for the characters. Instead, you will be able to use many different weapons to fight (spear, sword, bow and arrow, magic…).

frostborn 3

In addition to individual combat missions, you also enjoy group combat missions (Co-op). In Co-op mode, you will be grouped and engaged in battle with many other players. However, the missions in Co-op mode are complicated, and you need to coordinate well with the members to complete the challenge. Besides, participating in group battles helps people have more fun.

frostborn 1

Easy to use interface

With the RPG challenge, Frostborn is prepared with an intuitive interface system that helps people enjoy the challenges more comfortable. With a third perspective, players will observe the surroundings better and get more intelligent movement. A joystick on the left of the screen will be prepared to help you control the character. On the right and in the middle of the screen of the device, many virtual keys with separate functions have been designed to help you use combat skills and character management.