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  • Date Updated: August 1, 2019

Years ago, there was a very famous game all over the world. This game always has many good reviews and millions of downloads in many different countries. Its exciting challenges keep people constantly engaged and help people enjoy great leisure times on their mobile devices. This game is called Fruit Ninja, it was released by HalfBrick Studios and was released on the mobile game market on April 21, 2010.

Fruit Ninja 2 2

To continue the impressive success of this first version, HalfBrick Studios has released the second version of this game, and it is called Fruit Ninja 2. Compared to the old version, this new version is built with newer challenges. Besides, it allows people to connect and compete with each other to have more fun experiences. If you are a fan of Fruit Ninja, you should not miss this new and unique version.

Fruit Ninja 2 3

More game modes

Besides familiar tasks from the first version, Fruit Ninja 2 APK Mod currently possesses many different game modes for you to conquer. Each mode will bring your tasks and requirements to complete. You can enjoy and explore several game modes such as Arcade, Minigame Mix, Fight, Ranked Fight along with several different game modes. Among the above play modes, there are several modes that will provide personal challenges for you to perform like Arcade or Minigame Mix. Besides, there are also some modes that will bring you attractive online challenges like Fight or Ranked Fight. With multiplayer modes, you will be comfortable to compete and create high scores to win.

Fruit Ninja 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Operation is simple and easy to understand

For those who have explored the first version, they will quickly get used to this new version. What about those who first enjoy Fruit Ninja? Don’t worry, because this game has a very easy to use control system. To cut the fruits that appear on the device’s screen, touch and swipe the screen on the screen in different directions. In addition to the fruits that are allowed to be cut on the screen, you need to avoid cutting the black bombs. If you cut these bombs, they will explode, and you have to do the challenge again. Therefore, you have to coordinate well between the control and observation quickly to create a lot of outstanding achievements.

Fruit Ninja 2 4

Join many missions to level up and discover new weapons

Coming to Fruit Ninja 2, you will discover an attractive level system. And you need to complete many different challenges to increase your level. Leveling will allow you to unlock many new characters and unique weapons. Besides creating a lot of excellent achievements, completing tasks will help you gain more experience points.

Fruit Ninja 2 1

Accumulating more experience points helps you achieve the necessary levels to unlock new weapons. In addition to having good control, you also need to use powerful weapons to complete the task quickly. Besides, using new weapons will help you be more confident in online matches.