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  • Date Updated: March 25, 2019

Along with the diverse development of mobile devices are high-quality products to bring more interesting experiences for users. Mobile games are now developed with different genres and gameplay to help you choose freely. However, there is a genre that is always interested, and there are many players looking for games with related topics. Games with real-time strategy styles are an always new topic for players to search for if you are looking for a new and addictive real-time strategy challenge. Discover Game of Gods, an exciting series of strategic challenges and a great image quality that will make you love it.

game of gods 2

The world of magic

Foursaken Media producer has prepared a unique magic world with many interesting tasks for you to experience. Here, you will discover many different magical powers and have the responsibility to destroy Chaos forces. With a diverse challenge system, players can choose to destroy humanity or protect other species.

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Game of Gods for iOS gives you a world of gods and powerful magical powers. You must protect Stone Gate from the evil Chaos. Chaos force will seek to destroy this magical gate, and you are responsible for protecting the gate against Chaos forces’ attacks. Also, ordinary humans will also seek to approach the gate. You have two options; one is to protect the gate from Chaos and let the humans pass by. Secondly, you will destroy both humans and Chaos if they dare to approach the gate. Depending on your choice, then you will discover your challenges and strengths.

Game of Gods for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The player’s main task is to protect Stone Gate. Therefore, you will be allowed to unlock and use your magic power. In matches, you are allowed to choose and use different skills depending on how many skills you unlock. Each match allows you to use three different skills. To use these skills, players only need to touch and drag to the target to destroy.

Each skill will not require recovery time and depends on the energy accumulated to use. Below the skill icons will be displayed one energy bar. The skills will require different amounts of energy when used. The skills with great damage ability require more energy. Therefore, you need to reasonably calculate when using these skills.

game of gods 4

Game mode

To create comfort and bring you much fun, the manufacturer has prepared two modes of play SINGLE PLAYER and MULTIPLAYER. With SINGLE PLAYER, you will join the fight alone and have the opportunity to explore many new combat skills. In MULTIPLAYER, you are arranged to experience with many other players. In this mode, you have to participate in group battles, and the number of your enemies is also larger. To protect Stone Gate you need to coordinate well with other players.

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Impressive graphics

Game of Gods APK Mod is built with a high image quality along with beautiful fighting skills effects to create epic battles. The characters are designed with 3D graphics and smooth movement. Also, each character will have beautiful costumes for you to use. Mission system and the battle map will take you to many different places on earth. The colour system is also well prepared and provides many beautiful images.

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Are you ready?

Game of Gods will give you vivid challenges along with a top image system and make you experience it constantly. Feel free to choose the experience with two different modes to help you get more fun. Download and explore the unique magic world in today’s most exciting strategy game.