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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 2.1 GB
  • Date Updated: July 9, 2019

Gameloft is a manufacturer, and the name is familiar to everyone. This producer is famous for a variety of games, and they are integrated on different platforms. Besides, their challenges are diverse with many different genres. In it, there are popular categories like action, adventure, or role-playing. We can mention some familiar games like Modern Combat Versus, Asphalt 9 and Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO.

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In addition to this fascinating game, Gameloft also owns a game with content similar to the challenges of GTA, and it is called Gangstar Vegas. If you do not have many opportunities and time to enjoy different versions of GTA on the PC platform, this game is a great choice for you to explore the many unique tasks of GTA right on your mobile device.

gangstar vegas 4

Conquer the city

With Gangstar Vegas for iOS, you can explore and conquer many different cities with ease. Providing the challenges of GTA on mobile platforms brings convenience to users. People can easily enjoy exciting challenges wherever they want. Begin the game; you will enjoy the fierce competition between different mafia gangs. Each gang will have its operating areas, and they often fight to find ways to control the city.

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To give players the most authentic challenges, a compelling storyline system among many different characters has been prepared. You will be asked to perform various tasks to explore the activities of criminal organizations in the underworld. At that time, you will enjoy intense gun battles between gangs or assassination missions of dangerous tycoons. With carefully built events and stories, you will enjoy many different emotions.

Gangstar Vegas – Mission: Rule the crime world!

The events and tasks that you participate in the game will take place at various locations in the city. Each mission will give different requirements, and you need to try to complete them in the shortest time. In the criminal world, you need to be equipped with a variety of weapons to survive because you don’t know when the enemy will attack you. Besides the mission of survival, there are many interesting tasks for you to perform. For example, you can participate in street races to exchange necessary information. Or attack the base of the enemies to destroy their leader. In general, the mission system is very diverse, and you need a lot of leisure time to accomplish them.

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A feature that helps Gangstar Vegas get over 60 million downloads is a high-quality image system. This game obtains a beautiful 3D graphics and elaborate image details. The landscape and movements of the characters are shown very smoothly, bringing many attractive images to the players. Besides, the colors are used and harmoniously combined with the gameplay to help players not feel bored. From there, people can experience the various challenges of the game continuously.