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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 30, 2018

Everyone has had a good time with PlayStation. Referring to PlayStation, people will surely know Contra, a popular game of the 21st century. You can only play the game through PlayStation before. But now, things have changed. Garena Games Online publisher brought an upgraded version of Contra as Garena Contra: Return. The game is a completely new upgrade compared to the original version, especially the player can comfortably experience on his mobile. The game promises to be a new step for Garena Games Online in the mobile gaming market in the world.

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Garena Contra: Return APK Mod brings a fun experience to the players. The game has been upgraded from the original version on PlayStation but still retains the classic gameplay as the horizontal screen. The horizontal screen gives you an enjoyable experience, and the game’s system has been upgraded several times to give players a new perspective on the game. The game will bring you fierce battles.

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Instead of using traditional PlayStation handles, players will use virtual keys to join the game. The left virtual key is used to move characters such as left, right, sit, etc. The right virtual keys are used to fight your enemies like shooting, replacing bullets. The game’s virtual key system has been optimized for ease of use. The use of virtual keys helps players quickly adapt and master the game.

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At the initial level, the player will be instructed to use the appropriate virtual key; you will kill the enemy more easily if you know the logical move. At the harder level, you have to be careful in every activity because the enemy is unpredictable. If you do not move properly, you will get defeated when the battle has just begun. The game has many different levels for you to experience, like other famous shooters that have multiple player modes such as PVP, PVE. In particular, this version has a very impressive gameplay mode. Here you will have fun experiences when you have the chance to fight with many others, regularly participate in the battlefield and leave your mark. Still retains classic gameplay and upgrades new gameplay, but still provides an enjoyable experience for the player.

Garena Contra: Return (ENGLISH / INDONESIA) (Garena / Konami / Tencent) (iOS / Android) Gameplay


Unlike the original version, Garena Contra: Return for iOS has 15 different characters to choose from. Each character will have their impressive skills, matching each level and gameplay. Also, an impressive feature of the game awaits you is the character upgrade. After each level, you will receive bonus points, which you can use to upgrade the strength of your character. Note that not all upgrades are 100% successful, so you need to have your estimates. If you do not upgrade, you will lose all the points.

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Sound and graphics

The game is upgraded to have more realistic sound than the original version. That is the sound of the real battlefield, creating excitement for players when participating in the battle. Game graphics are beautifully built impressive image details. Players will enjoy smoother visuals in the war and the true sound of war. The game will surely convince the players to demand high image quality.

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Garena Contra: Return is an impressive upgrade from Garena Games Online publisher. The game will confirm the position of the manufacturer on the popular mobile games market in the world. This is a game worth your attention, join the upgraded version and have the real experience of war.