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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 2, 2019

Currently, there are many “endless runner” style games in the market; this game genre offers endless challenges. Players will experience continuous missions and challenges to create their impressive achievements. If you have experienced products such as Temple Run or Lara Croft: Relic Run and Subway Surfers, you should not miss Garfield Rush. This game offers familiar experiences for everyone but is based on the famous Garfield cat. Besides, there is a lovely series of pictures and exciting activities around Garfield and friends will make you feel excited.

garfield rush 2

Unique and fun game

In Garfield Rush for iOS, a clever cat named Harry deceives Garfield and friends to steal valuable items. You are in charge of controlling characters like Garfield, Nermal and Odie to chase Harry. On the chase, you will have to avoid different obstacles. Join the unique challenges along with lots of beautiful spaces and create good scores.

garfield rush 3

Create your achievements

You are not only involved in the normal running task; you will get some different tasks when you experience. Completing these tasks will help you get more bonuses and help the experience not be boring. When running, you need to watch carefully to avoid obstacles. You need to focus and handle situations quickly to overcome obstacles. If you handle it badly, you will collide with obstacles and have to play again.

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Your challenge will be more appealing when on the track there are many different items such as flying backpacks, magnets, elastic shoes, and some other equipment. Using these items will help you easily overcome unexpected challenges. Note, these items have a limited time to use. Therefore, players need to use them properly and pay attention to the time used to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Also, you need to try to collect more gold coins while performing the task. Gold coins will be used to upgrade game items, after upgrading you can use items with longer duration. Collect gold coins on the run and perform the required tasks will help you get more bonuses in each turn.

Additional activities

By experiencing three different characters Garfield, Nermal and Odie, you will have the opportunity to collect and own more than 18 different costumes. Discover 18 beautiful costumes of the characters by collecting the required items required by the game. Or you can unlock the outfit easily by shopping in the game’s store. In addition to collecting costumes, the characters also enjoy many different dishes. Many delicious dishes for characters like Neapolitan pizza, lasagna, burritos, and many other dishes.

Garfield Rush – Parkour With Feed Garfield


Garfield Rush APK Mod has beautiful 3D graphics and comfortable space. By building a comfortable space, the game creates many stable and good quality images. Obstacles are arranged in various ways along the way, creating many unexpected challenges and not be repeated. The effects of the items bring more attractive details and help players have more fun. Costumes that are designed to be diverse and beautiful also enhance the excitement for players.

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A game that you can not ignore

Garfield Rush is a completely new challenge in the Endless Runner style. The game is designed with lovely cartoon characters that will be suitable for all ages. Smooth motion and sharp images create lots of fun entertainment time. In general, familiar gameplay and possessing small size makes it easy to install on multiple devices is the right choice to relax.