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With the number of games and a variety of genres, you will have many different options to relax. However, you are a person who is interested in challenges that require high logical thinking and many beautiful fighting images. Which genre will you choose to explore? The answer is a turn-based combat genre. Turn-based fighting games are now varied, and there are many exciting gameplay systems to explore.

gate six cyber persona 2

If you want to discover an engaging turn-based fighting game at the present time? You should not miss the products from Korea. The country owns many famous producers and games around the globe. Therefore, the best option for you is GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA. It is produced by FLERO Games – a prominent Korean production company with many unique games such as Grimms Notes or Cuisine Dimension.

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In the future context and at the time of 2079, GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA APK Mod brings you a modern world but is ruled by evil forces. People living under this rule are connected to a virtual world called GATE SIX. However, the price paid to gain access to this world is the soul of man.

GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In the game, you will become a Cyber ​​Persona and named Lex. You are an employee at GATE SIX and have discovered many unusual things while working here. From there, you decide to search for hidden secrets behind GATE SIX, and you will face many different dangers to get the answer.

Discover crazy mysteries

After successfully accessing GATE SIX, you will meet new characters and explore this virtual world. Here, you must convince many others to join you to find answers to the mysteries related to GATE SIX. From there, you have the task of building your fighting group with many different characters to fulfill your goals. In the foreground, there will be many pitfalls and dangerous enemies seeking to destroy you. Therefore, you need to be alert and make wise decisions to survive in many complex situations.

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Characters and combat skills

With a turn-based challenge, the manufacturer has prepared a variety of characters with beautiful costumes for everyone to enjoy. Each character will have its characteristics and possess different fighting skills. Some characters will possess long-range combat abilities and deal a lot of damage to enemies. Conversely, some characters have strong melee ability and good defense. Or there are several characters who possess unique healing powers to support members of the battle team. Overall, the number and strength of the characters varied. You can collect and use new characters after completing certain requirements.

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Smart strategy

Turn-based combat and managing multiple characters at once in GATE SIX: CYBER PERSONA will be very complicated. From there, you need to have reasonable management and character improvement plans. If you manage well and upgrade science, your character will possess a lot of great fighting power and help you gain many advantages on the battlefield. Besides, you also need to coordinate and use characters in battle in a reasonable way to create many new achievements.

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