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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: September 16, 2019

To ensure the diversity of content and help people have a lot of memorable relaxation time. Trilobite Soft producer has prepared many games with different challenges for people to explore. Games released by this manufacturer on Googleplay always get millions of downloads due to the number and variety of game content.

GemsValley 2

Among the recently released games by Trilobite Soft, GemsValley is an interesting puzzle game and is getting a lot of attention from people. Besides the familiar tasks and controls, the manufacturer also prepares several new attractive features for players to experience.

GemsValley 3

Great vengeance and danger

GemsValley for iOS has a relatively compelling storyline system. When participating in the experience, you will be taken to the beautiful Pandoria. The goddess of light protects this land, and the power of the goddess helps this land flourish. However, the evil magician Varden attacked this beautiful land to avenge the goddess of light for expelling him from Pandoria due to the study of forbidden magic. After being attacked by Varden, Pandoria has now become a poor and backward land. Therefore, you have the task of collecting many different light stones to rebuild a beautiful Pandoria land as before.

GemsValley for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Mission system

If you want to rebuild a mighty Pandoria, you need to pass many different levels of the game to collect attractive rewards. Completing the levels and getting various rewards will help you accumulate the many resources needed to rebuild Pandoria.

GemsValley 4

In the diverse level system, you will receive many different mission requirements to complete. Each level has its requirements, and you need to complete the task within limits allowed. Joining each level, you are required to collect gems of different shapes and colors. Specifically, each level will give a certain number of gems for you to collect. And the number of gems that need to be collected will increase gradually with each level. Therefore, you must have clever calculations to complete the task quickly.

The match-3 challenge

To collect gems and complete the levels, you will be participating in the familiar match-3 challenge. The match-3 control system is as simple as ever. You swipe your hand in different directions (left, right, up, down) on the screen, arrange the gem of the same shape and color to collect them.

GemsValley 1

Besides collecting the necessary amount of gems, you also need to make sure not to exceed the limits of the game. Each challenge will give you a certain number of moves. You can only complete the challenge after collecting the required number of gems and do not exceed the number of moves provided. As you pass higher difficulty levels and your calculations are unreasonable, GemsValley also has several different support items to help you complete the levels. Note that the manufacturer encourages the use of support items in difficult circumstances and avoids the misuse of such support items when not needed.