• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 80 MB
  • Date Updated: September 13, 2019

In the entertainment programs broadcast on TV, the intriguing challenges of Brain Wall always bring a lot of joy to the viewers. This unique TV game originated in Japan and has been bought by many countries around the world to produce right here in their own country. From the unique content of Brain Wall, Ketchapp producer has designed a game with similar and interesting content to offer to everyone. It is named Get in Shape and is now available on Googleplay.

Get in Shape 2


Like Brain Wall, participating in Get in Shape for iOS players will be provided with a basic character to control. Challenges will be prepared according to different levels. And each level will ask you to arrange your character in the shapes required to complete the challenge. A wall will automatically move to your position, and on the wall will be displayed a certain shape for you to create a similar shape. If posing is successful and the wall moves through your character safely, the task is completed.

Get in Shape for Android/iOS – Gameplay

On the contrary, you have slow reflexes and do not create similar poses to the pattern on the wall. Your character will be knocked down, and the challenge will be over. Therefore, you need to observe carefully to be able to shape the character in accordance with the requirements of the challenge.

Get in Shape 3

Character control

To be able to pose in accordance with the required pattern, the manufacturer will provide you with an easy-to-use virtual key system. You need to touch the screen to control the body parts of the character (arms, legs, head, …) to pose as required. Having to perform multiple control operations at the same time requires you to be agile and focused on being able to comply with task requirements. In addition, you can only discover new levels after completing current challenges. Each level will have its own requirements and many interesting shapes waiting for you to conquer ahead.

Get in Shape 4

Collect rewards and the comfortable character design

After completing the requirements at each level, Get in Shape will give you the task of collecting rewards. Rewards will be arranged at various locations along the way. And you have to control the character skillfully to be able to collect the rewards of the game.

Get in Shape 1

Successfully collecting rewards will help you accumulate a certain amount of money. From there, you can unlock new characters in the game’s store. Along with collecting new characters, you can also choose from many costumes and attractive accessories for your character. At the store, there will be four folders prepared to help you design your character according to your preferences. These four directories are Hero, Glasses, Top, and Swimsuits. With dozens of unique costumes and accessories, you will be free to design and create many beautiful characters. Note, each item in the store will have its value and to collect many items, you must complete many different levels to accumulate many bonuses.