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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: January 11, 2019

Do you love games with attractive strategy elements and unique defenses? Want to experience various battles and battlefields to challenge your abilities? Let Ghost Town Defense help you get new fun; you will be involved in impressive defensive battles. You are a leader, and your mission is to build defensive towers to protect people and overcome interesting obstacles. Currently, this game is available on App Store at the request of RedFish Game Studio manufacturer. However, you can use the sharing link at the end of the article to experience the game.

ghost town defense 1

Impressive design

Ghost Town Defense for Android is a unique experience when combined with many factors such as role-playing and real-time strategy. When it comes to the challenges of the game, you will be involved in the process of building and defending the city from the invasion of demons. Players will experience strategic elements in building defensive towers to prevent enemies from attacking the city. Besides, you will experience immersive elements when allowed to summon and control various heroes to protect the city. Many levels and challenges are waiting for you to experience. Build diverse defense towers and become the player with the most outstanding achievements.

ghost town defense 2

Ability to build and lead

Ghost Town Defense APK Mod is prepared with multiple levels with challenges ranging from simple to difficult. First, you will be encouraged to participate in simple challenges to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and discover how to control the game. You will have to protect the city and fight on many different maps and terrain. The player’s task is to build defensive towers next to the enemy’s path of movement. You just need to touch the highlighted positions on the map to build defense towers. You will use and explore 12 different types of defense towers and traps. Build a system of scientific defense towers to prevent demons from attacking the city.

Ghost Town Defense – War Rush – 3D Tower Defense Action Game

In particular, you will receive side quests when you participate in battles. Completing these tasks will help you get more gold coins. Gold coins will be used to upgrade the strength and fighting ability of 12 types of defense towers and traps. These upgrades are necessary and important to help you destroy the enemy and get a more enjoyable experience. Also, at special levels, you will have to deal with many BOSS types. More than 27 different BOSS types will appear and destroy your city. Create a solid defense system and move flexible heroes to quickly destroy BOSS and complete the level.

ghost town defense 3


This game has an impressive 3D graphics along with a wide and varied map design that brings many fascinating challenges for players. The details and stable movement of the character bring fun to the experience. A variety of defense and trap tower systems are designed in a variety of ways to provide fun and not boring images. Colors are also used and well coordinated with the entire layout of the game to bring out sharp images. In general, the sophisticated visual system and interface will make you satisfied.

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Final comment

Ghost Town Defense will bring more surprises to you and everyone through its uniqueness. Join the experience next to your friends to be able to share strategies and create impressive defensive systems. Quickly join these challenges to kill monsters and create your achievements.