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In the world, we have known many famous and legendary singers (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, …). Famous singers or groups in the world need management companies to support them in their artistic development. To be able to create a famous singer or group will not be simple. The task of the manager will be very difficult and must overcome many different challenges to achieve success.

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To help people better understand the process of training and developing a professional singer. Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd manufacturer has designed and prepared an engaging game. Coming to Girl Group Inc: Love Idol, you will be allowed to own an entertainment company of your own. With the responsibility of a CEO, you have to train and bring to the audience many famous singers. Besides, you also need to develop and expand your company’s influence in the global entertainment market.

Girl Group Inc : Love Kpop Idol for Android/iOS

New stars

Girl Group Inc: Love Idol for iOS will bring many real challenges. To create a professional singer and achieve a lot of success in your career will not be simple. With the responsibility of a leader, you need to develop a reasonable training plan to create singers with good qualities and interest. In addition, you also need a lot of smart business plans to get to know the artists that your company is managing. You can create a solo singer or a group with many members from different countries. In general, the management task will be very complicated and you need smart thinking to overcome the challenges of the game.

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Basic training

The first task you need to do is to develop reasonable training plans to help the artists you are managing can develop personal skills (singing, dancing, …). Besides the task of training and developing skills for artists, you must also ensure their health. Your artists can only operate stably and achieve many outstanding achievements when having a stable health. Therefore, training plans and performances need to be streamlined.

Conquer the audience

Completing basic training tasks, you will begin the process of promoting and helping people to know your artists. You need to produce compelling songs or albums to get support from the global audience. Besides, you can also organize many different shows for people to have the opportunity to approach and get acquainted with your artists. In the early stages of the game, your performances will be held in simple locations with a limited audience. However, you need perseverance to be able to develop your artists. Since then, your later performances can be held in large and beautiful locations. Besides, the number of audiences attending the performances will increase over time.

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In addition to managing and building intelligent development plans for your artists. You must also ensure a stable financial source to maintain the company’s operations. After the investment and training stages for my artists. You can earn profits after your artists get Debut. Profits can be earned including selling albums worldwide or selling tickets for performances. In addition, you can profit from advertising contracts or products related to your artists. In general, the training process and the guarantee of fame for artists are complex. Therefore, you need to become a smart CEO and have many wise plans to manage your entertainment company in Girl Group Inc: Love Idol.