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  • Platforms: Android 3.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 97 MB
  • Date Updated: September 3, 2019

Greek mythology is one of the famous cultural features in the world. It is used to make many interesting films or literary works. With dozens of different gods of Greek Mythology, you will be free to enjoy many interesting epic stories. Based on many fascinating and mysterious stories of Greek gods, Aegis Interactive, LLC producer recently released a fascinating strategy game.

gods of olympus 3

From being built based on many myths, Gods of Olympus is an addictive and popular strategy game today. Not only brings more intense battles between the gods, but players also enjoy a high-quality image system. With engaging gameplay and great graphics, the game will bring you many epic medieval battles for entertainment.

Control the gods and build a mighty empire

As everyone knows, people always worship the gods to receive their protection and blessings. However, Gods of Olympus for iOS will bring a completely different story. Instead of worshiping Greek gods, you will be allowed to control the gods and ask them to work for you. With the task of building a mighty empire of their own, the Greek gods are the tools for you to accomplish this ideal. In the upcoming battles, you will control many different gods to defeat your enemies. To be able to create a powerful empire, you need to have the terrible power of the gods. Collect many different gods and discover their unique fighting skills.

Gods of Olympus for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The collection and possession of gods will not be simple and you must complete many different challenges. First, the game will give you some basic gods to use. You will use the gods in many different combat missions to collect resources. After that, you have to build many different structures in your city to unlock new gods. In addition to collecting many different gods, you also need to perform many different upgrades to enhance their fighting power. Please build and use many smart development plans to own many powerful gods.

gods of olympus 4

Fight and expand the empire

Besides collecting the gods, you must create a growing empire. To do that, you need to own a large city with many different structures. In addition to the structures that provide resources and gods, you must also build many military barracks and defense systems for your city. If you want to defeat the gods of other enemies, you will need a solid defense system or it will take the enemy a long time to invade your city.

gods of olympus 1

In particular, Gods of Olympus possesses a very attractive feature and will surely make people happy. Instead of owning time to build new structures or perform upgrades. The game allows completing all the above tasks quickly. From there, help players easily develop and can participate in many fun battles.