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  • Date Updated: May 12, 2019

Japan is a famous country in Asia and around the world. This country is very developed and possesses a diverse culture with many attractive customs. In addition to their economic and cultural fame, they are also known for entertainment products such as anime or manga. Among the popular Japanese manga, Kaiju is a series of familiar creatures and appears on many different movies and games. These monsters often attack human cities to breed. Do you want to take part in missions to protect and protect your city against a variety of Kaiju? Join Godzilla Defense Force; players will experience a series of crazy battles between the human cities and the mysterious Kaiju.

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Legendary creatures

Godzilla and Kaiju are designed and created by TOHO art company. They created dozens of different monsters to bring unique stories to everyone. Kaiju and Godzilla first appeared in the original film in 1954. After the success of the original movie, TOHO has produced over 29 different movies to date. And in this game, you will have the opportunity to discover dozens of different monsters and fierce battles to protect human life.

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Build a strong defense system

To counter the attack of Kaiju, players will have to create an impressive defense system with many different weapons to destroy them. Kaiju will attack many different cities in the world, and you will not have time to rest. With continuous attacks on cities, you have to create a good defense system and get smart combat plans. Owning wise strategies will help you defeat monsters and protect your city. There are three big cities that you need to protect: London, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Godzilla Defense Force for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Fight and collect unique monster cards

Monsters will attack your city from the coast, and you must build many different buildings to gather the resources needed to build a defense system for the city. You will have to fight a large number of different Kaiju, and they all have their powers to destroy your city. The mission to protect your city is designed according to each wave. Each wave will take place in a short time and does not require a lot of manipulation. You only need to build buildings and summon troops to fight Kaiju. To ensure the safety of the city, you need to pay attention to upgrading the built buildings.

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In addition to fighting and defending the city, you also have the opportunity to collect monsters after defeating them. Dozens of Kaiju with crazy powers are waiting for you to collect. Besides collecting monster cards, you also discover lots of interesting information about power and stories related to them. In particular, collecting monster cards also helps you upgrade MechaGodzilla. Summon MechaGodzilla to protect the city and destroy dangerous monsters.