• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 250 MB
  • Date Updated: August 30, 2019

Besides famous game makers and developers from countries in the European Union (EU) or Korea, Japan. You also can not ignore some prominent manufacturers from Russia, and the proposed name for you to discover is HeroCraft Ltd. This is a famous game manufacturer, established in Russia, and they have representative offices in many different cities.

grand street racing tour 2

HeroCraft Ltd. Currently receiving millions of downloads with various products and a series of positive reviews on Googleplay. We can tell through some outstanding games such as ce Rage: Hockey Multiplayer, Gibbets: Bow Master, War Cars: Epic Blaze Zone,… Apart from the above names, Grand Street Racing Tour is currently the most famous product of this manufacturer. This fascinating game is considered to bring interesting competition with many addictive races no less than the speed challenges in Need for Speed ​​Series or Asphalt Series.

grand street racing tour 3

Many challenging races

Grand Street Racing Tour for iOS is prepared with many exciting races for players to complete. Besides, the races will take place in the form of online competition. Therefore, you need to focus and get a lot of smart control to win. To beat the competition, you must constantly upgrade the accessories and improve the engine power of your vehicle in addition to the basic cars provided to get acquainted with the game. You are also allowed to collect and use many different powerful cars.

Grand Street Racing Tour for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Complex upgrade requirements

Compared to other challenges with the same content, this game requires players to conduct continuous upgrades to improve the operability of the vehicle being used. Categories need to be upgraded, and accessories to be collected will be more diverse than other games if you want to beat many rivals and create many outstanding achievements. You need to upgrade plans for your vehicle. On the contrary, you limit the upgrade and do not have a reasonable upgrade plan. You will be easily defeated by other opponents and can not make good achievements to get high on the game’s rankings.

grand street racing tour 4

Completing each race, you can collect a certain amount of bonuses and rewards. Therefore, you need to know the specifications of the vehicle being used to carry out the upgrade plan appropriately. The collected rewards will give you money or some spare parts needed to upgrade your vehicle. Or you can use the bonus to buy spare parts for your car in the game store.

Simple control and quick observation skills

Participating in the races, players swipe their hands on the screen in different directions to control their car. With easy-to-use operation, you can quickly get used to the challenge after a short time. Note, the manufacturer will not provide a mini-map system on the left of the screen like other games. Therefore, Grand Street Racing Tour requires the player to concentrate and have an agile observation to complete the races. Observing well and combining with precise controls is the key for you to win.