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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 66 MB
  • Date Updated: September 11, 2019

In addition to fun and light content games, many manufacturers also bring horror and scary content to test the courage of the players. Join the horror challenge, you will be faced with many fascinating stories and a series of crazy missions to entertain.

granny chapter two 2

Granny: Chapter Two is a famous horror game and the second version of Granny. After the success of the first version and received many good reviews from everyone. DVloper producer developed the second version with more scary and unexpected content. It is now available on Googleplay and requires players to be 17 years of age or older.

Granny Chapter Two3

Scary story of an unhappy family

Compared to the first version, Granny: Chapter Two for iOS will bring different challenges and support items to help you survive. In this version, you also face a new fear is Grandpa. Previously, Granny and Grandpa had a happy and peaceful life. However, an accident has occurred. The daughter and granddaughter of the two were suddenly missing. People could not find the body and the cause of their disappearance.

Granny: Chapter Two for Android/iOS

From then on, Granny and Grandpa went crazy and moved to a shabby bungalow in the woods. And also at this shabby home, they have started to take many crazy actions of eating lost young people. You are an unlucky person trapped in the house of Granny and Grandpa. Therefore, you have the task of finding a way to survive for five days in this scary house to complete the game.

Granny Chapter Two4

Overcome fear and survive

For survival missions, you will have to look for various support items to use. Each support item will help you avoid the pursuit of Granny and Grandpa. In particular, Granny and Grandpa have their special abilities. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the process. With Granny, you need to move smoothly and do not make much noise. Because Granny has very good hearing and can quickly approach you in a short time to kill you, as for Grandpa, you must observe before moving and avoid being Grandpa. Compared to Granny, Grandpa can attack violently and can easily kill you quickly.

To find a way to survive, you need calm and smart plans. Granny and Grandpa will move around the house. Therefore, you will have to choose safe paths and find many reasonable locations to escape the pursuits of the two ills. During the move, you also have to collect many different items to use. In particular, you need to search and collect the gun hidden in the house quickly. If you use a gun to attack Granny and Grandpa, they will stand still for 3 seconds. With this time, you can quickly find new hiding places and remain undetected.

Classic but delicate graphics

Granny: Chapter Two has a classic visual system but gives the player a first-person perspective. From there, players can enjoy many stressful and scary emotions while experiencing the game. Also, the manufacturer prepared a dark color system to help bring a horror landscape to test the courage and confidence of the player.