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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $9.99
  • File size: 663 MB
  • Date Updated: June 30, 2019

Graveyard Keeper is a famous role-playing game with cemetery management themes and was released on the PC platform on August 15, 2018. After the success of the PC platform, this game has many versions on different platforms like PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. To serve the entertainment needs of people on today’s mobile platform. tinyBuild Games producer has developed a separate version for the mobile platform. And you can use the shared link at the end of the article to explore.

Graveyard Keeper 2

Manage cemeteries

Like other platforms, Graveyard Keeper APK Mod of the mobile platform will allow you to explore cemetery management duties in the middle ages. You are a person born and raised in the future, a car accident happened. When you wake up, you find yourself returning to the middle ages and standing in a graveyard. Your task is to overcome different tasks in exchange for the information and tools needed to help you get back to the future. To return to your world, you will have to overcome many different stages of the game. And each stage will bring different challenges and opportunities for you to find a way to return to the future. Try to overcome the challenges that are required to return to the future. And if you can’t complete them, you’ll be stuck in this cemetery forever.

Graveyard Keeper 3

How to solve the problem?

After being stuck in the medieval cemetery, you will have to manage this cemetery and expand it to be able to bury more people. Expanding cemeteries and meeting the different requirements of families with people who die. You will get mysterious information and stories to find a way to get back to the future.

Graveyard Keeper – Medieval Graveyard Management

Every day, there will be dead people taken to your cemetery. Once there, a series of instructions will appear to help you become familiar with the cemetery management work. You will have to do a lot of different jobs like dividing burial sites or making gravestones and many other craft jobs. Each job will help you create a good burial place for the dead. From there, you will receive a bonus and can expand your cemetery. Creating a beautiful cemetery will help you get more customers and have the opportunity to meet many new characters. From there, you can collect more new information and find a way to return to the future.

Graveyard Keeper 4

Going back to the future will not be simple. You have to find many sources of information and help from many different characters. Besides, you must also collect some personal support tools to be able to carry out the time travel process. Assistive devices will be difficult to collect, and you will only get them after completing complex tasks.

Graveyard Keeper 1

Pixel graphics

To fit with many different mobile devices, Graveyard Keeper is designed with a unique and gentle pixel graphic. The landscapes of the game are all built with lots of images of the medieval period. The game’s simple image system helps it get an average size (200 MB), and you can quickly set up in a short time.