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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 55 MB
  • Date Updated: September 27, 2018

Gravity Rider: Power Run released by Vivid Games S.A will bring players the most attractive races. The races in this game are waiting for you to discover, you will show off your racing skills and overcome all the other opponents and win. The race in space will make you feel excited. Now, join me to learn about this fascinating game.

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Show off your driving skills.

The game will bring you the most exciting races; you will become a racer and participate in various races to win. Unlike traditional racing games, Gravity Rider: Power Run APK Mod gives players a completely new experience by racing in space. You will be driving very modern racing cars; the cars only appear in the movie fiction. In the race, you have to control your car to speed up and avoid the obstacles to overcome other players.

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The map of the game is quite large, you will have to control your car through difficult terrain types, and obstacles appear randomly. Also, players must control their speed to be able to overcome other players more easily. When faced with dangerous road sections, the best way for you to overcome them is to slow down your speed. You will not want to see your car crashed out of the track just because you moved so fast. Speed ​​control and car control are two very important factors to your success in the race. Therefore, you need to master your car to be able to become a good racer in this game.

Gravity Rider: Power Run – Racing challenge on 3D tracks

Possesses more modern cars

With the bonus, you get when you finish the race, you can use bonuses to upgrade your race car or buy new ones. The new cars are very eye-catching, and they have great performance, you can own new cars to get a more interesting experience. However, new cars are expensive, and you will spend a lot of time buying them. You can also upgrade your race car to participate in more intense races in this game.

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Impressive graphics

Players will be overwhelmed by the graphic design of Gravity Rider: Power Run. The game has 3D graphics designed in modern style. The scenery and race car are displayed on the screen of the device; you will get the most amazing experience with the excellent graphics of the game. The rules of physics also apply in this game perfectly; you get the same feeling as joining a real race.

Gravity Rider

You will like Gravity Rider: Power Run

Gravity Rider: Power Run will bring you the best experience. With impressive graphics, simple gameplay and new features. You will experience competitive racing in this game. Now, you can use the link at the bottom to download this game more easily.