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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 51 MB
  • Date Updated: July 19, 2019

Mobirix – The best mobile game maker today with many attractive products. Their products always bring unexpected and understandable challenges. They have created many simple games and help players get more fun without taking much time to experience. Ground Driller, a unique product with challenging mining of gems and minerals using drilling machines. Participate in deep underground drilling to find many gems and help you become a rich man. Besides the impressive drill is a lovely series of miners, you can explore a lot of new worlds on the underground side in this game.

ground driller 2

Collect many types of gems

Ground Driller for iOS gives people familiar challenges; it is similar to the classic gold-digging challenge. To create many interesting experiences, the manufacturer has made many interesting changes compared to classic gold digging. You will use the drill to collect a variety of minerals and gems in the underground.

ground driller 3


You will start with simple operations, using a drill to go deeper into the underground. After drilling underground, the miners will start mining minerals. You can build many different mines with different depths. Each type of mineral will have its values. The deeper you descend into the underground, you have the opportunity to collect a variety of high-value minerals. Exploiting minerals and accumulating more bonuses to become rich.

Ground Driller – Idle Digging Game

In particular, excavation and mining activities will take place completely automatically. You only need to monitor the operation through the game’s interface system. For the mining work to be well developed, you need to upgrade the drill regularly. These upgrades will help you go deeper into the ground and destroy many obstacles. Upgrading drilling and mining machines need a science plan, create your plan and get many impressive achievements when mining.

ground driller 4

Besides other mineral mining tasks, the game also has many interesting events for everyone to participate. These events include many interesting challenges for people to join and help them get great rewards. Participating in many events also helps you create many good achievements and get a high position in the rankings of the game. The rankings will be constantly updated, try to become a top player and get valuable rewards.

Simple design

Ground Driller APK Mod has beautiful 2D graphics and lots of sharp details. With simple operation, the game does not have complex image quality and is suitable for gameplay. The characters in the game are designed with many different costumes that bring a lot of attractive visual experiences. The interface of the game is also appreciated when it is prepared and arranged scientifically. The beautiful interface with many impressive themes and harmoniously coordinated colours will make players feel more comfortable.

ground driller 1


Compared to the classic gold-digging challenge, Ground Driller brings a completely new and more exciting experience. Mining with many unique activities helps you not be bored. Many different events create attractive competition and performance rankings will be updated regularly.