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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 10, 2019

These defensive games always get a lot of attention from the players. We can not deny that highly defensive games are highly addictive and attract a lot of players. Today, we will introduce you a game of defence called Grow Castle. The game was released by RAON GAMES in 2017. Right after its official release worldwide, this game has attracted many players by its unique gameplay. To date, this game has over 10,000,000 downloads and installations on Google Play. The attraction of this game has never stopped, every day there are hundreds of players enjoy the unique defensive battle in this game. No more waiting, we will start to learn about this defence game now!

grow castle 2

Unique defence game

When you step into Grow Castle Mod Coins, you will become a leader and own a large castle. Your task is to command your troops against the attack coming from the monsters and defend the castle. The game has unique gameplay; this is a perfect combination of development and defence. You will use different types of soldiers provided by the game and protect your castle at all costs. Each type of soldier possesses a distinct strength, so you need to learn about the characteristics of each type of soldier to create the most effective strategy.

grow castle 3

After you have completed the difficulty level, the game will give you a rating and give you the bonus. You will use the bonus that the game offers to upgrade your castle or buy new types of soldiers. The game has over 80 different types of soldiers to choose from. With the great variety of soldiers, you will create a lot of different tactics and overcome the difficulty level more easily.

Grow Castle for Android/iOS – Gameplay

This game is not like the popular defence games you have ever experienced. This game will bring you difficulties you can not imagine. From the first difficulty levels, the monster army has become very powerful and diverse. If you can not create the best tactics, then you will fail at the first difficulty level. Therefore, the features of military development and castle improvement will be extremely important to you. You will have to perform these tasks frequently so that you can overcome the difficulty level.

grow castle 4

Simple graphics

Grow Castle Mod Gems has a very simple 2D graphic design. You will feel the graphic design of this game is like an art painting. All the details shown on the screen of the device are shown very sharp and simple. Various effects in the game are also extremely simple and create not so fierce battle as the traditional defence game. The sound of the game is not too special and is appropriate for the graphic design of the game.

grow castle 5


Grow Castle has existed for quite some time, but it still attracts millions of players each year with its unique gameplay and simple graphic design. I highly appreciate the uniqueness of this game that it brings to the player. Sure, the players will have the most exciting strategy experience when joining this game.