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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 490 MB
  • Date Updated: February 2, 2019

The more human society developed, the more intense and complicated war became. Around the 18th and 19th centuries, competition between old empires and new empires became more intense. The empires fought continuously to invade many different countries and gather resources. Are you ready to participate in this fierce competition and become a king of a new empire? Many interesting strategic challenges in Guns and Lords will bring you the authenticity of a world war. With many countries participating in the war, a fierce battlefield awaits you.

guns and lords 1

War between nations

Guns and Lords for iOS are designed with over 8 million different lands for you and everyone to conquer. A complex world with different countries and cultures will help you have a unique experience. Build your own country with many beautiful cities and buildings. Expand your territory, gather many resources to grow and make the enemy tremble.

guns and lords 3

A fierce journey to compete and fight globally requires you to have the best concentration. Developing a country is not simple, so you should have many different strategies to use. Always make enemies surprised by your power. LOCOJOY publisher has created an impressive world, and you must conquer it wisely.

Attractive features

You will grow and compete globally with many different players. All will start from simple to complex, from small cities to big cities. Having your country developed continuously and without limits will help you own up to 30 different legions to fight globally. Real-time strategy elements require you to have a good mindset to defeat the enemy. The most powerful weapon is wisdom, using the military wisely to help you defeat all enemies.

Guns and Lords for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides building troops with many exciting combat strategies, you can summon and use more than 100 different characters. These characters help your army fight better, summon world famous generals like Napoleon, Saladin, Washington and many other excellent commanders.

guns and lords 4

Select countries and form alliances

When you experience, you will select any country in a diverse national system. Discover the economic and military power of countries like Russia, France, Spain and many countries around the world. Select the country and fight to develop it. Many impressive challenges await you to discover, powerful armies and beautiful cities. In an intense global competition, you are encouraged to join or build alliances with many other countries. Joining an alliance will make your country safer and more stable. Countries without alliances will be quickly defeated, so building alliances is an important action.

guns and lords 2


Interestingly designed graphic systems and an impressive map system, Guns and Lords are a good product to serve players interested in real-time strategy genres. Many challenges and pitfalls will surprise you; you will face many players in the world bringing excitement to the experience. Should experience with friends and create a strong alliance of your own.