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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: November 24, 2018

Gunspell is a very popular and engaging game; it is a unique game combining two genres into one game, RPG and match-3. Following the success of Part 1, AKPublish pty ltd producer has released a sequel to the game called Gunspell 2. Part 2 is said to have many changes in graphics and image quality to make the game smoother and more enjoyable. Part 2 is also designed by the manufacturer with many outstanding features make the game more attractive than the old version.

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Graphics are upgraded

Gunspell 2 for iOS has nice graphics and sharper than the old version, the visual effects of the game also changed significantly to make the game more attractive and not boring. The interface of the game is beautifully designed and easy to control, many details of the game are new and more prominent than the old version. Compared with the old version, Gunspell 2 APK Mod has excellent image quality and brighter colors; you will surely be pleased with the graphics of the game.

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Like the previous version, players will still fight through the match-3 mode, and you will be arranged to fight many different enemies to protect the world. The characters in the game are also upgraded to create more freshness for the game. The strength of the powerful item and the many accessories in the game are changed to make the game more attractive. Also, you will be allowed to own more characters than the old version. In addition to fighting and winning the game, you need to upgrade your character regularly to improve combat skills. Also, you need to perform special missions to collect powerful items to equip your character. Improved combat skills and powerful items will help you win the enemy in a simple and quick way.

Gunspell 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

You will be taken to various maps in the game to perform the task, each map will have special enemies, and you need to destroy them to fulfill the requirements of the game. To kill an enemy, you need to have a reasonable strategy when fighting, creating a rational strategy to remove the enemy’s armor. Calculate and move rationally so that enemies do not even recover their armor, then you will destroy the enemy quickly. Stop attacking and restoring armor for your character if your armor is dropped low, if you do not recover in time, the enemy will easily destroy you.

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Fighting constantly

In the game you will have to fight constantly with many enemies, you need to fight to upgrade your character. Enemies will not let you rest; the game also requires calm and assertive, these will give you many advantages before the enemy. Knowing the enemy and guessing their moves will help you quickly resolve the enemy. Arrange and use characters in the game in a rational and balanced manner so that the strength of characters is growing steadily. If you are too focused on one character, your other characters will not grow and become weaker.

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If you want to experience a match-3 game but want a more enjoyable action experience, then you should consider installing and experiencing Gunspell 2. The game has great content and gameplay; this will be your most enjoyable experience. The game will bring you more surprises and more fun, gaming experience to relax and develop your mindset.