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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 97 MB
  • Date Updated: December 22, 2018

Haki: The Lost Treasure is a strategy game, built on stories of pirates and treasures. You will participate in exciting adventures alongside intense battles. Finding treasures and exploring new lands, the game is an attractive choice for pirate lovers. The game is currently released by Huy Hoang CH, and you can experience the game with the link shared at the end of the article.

haki the lost treasure 1

Interesting activity

Have you ever thought of becoming a pirate, you would move continuously on the five oceans of the world? Move to find high-value rewards and confront many dangerous enemies. Eliminate all enemies to capture your treasure. The game is designed based on the famous One Piece comic, so you will quickly get acquainted with the game. The familiar characters with unique fighting ability are waiting for you to experience.

haki the lost treasure 2

Create your power

When taking endless adventures with Haki: The Lost Treasure APK Mod, you will have to build a crew and recruit many different characters. These characters will help you overcome challenges, find treasures and help you become a legendary pirate. Creating a strong fighting squad is important, you will need to collect many characters and arrange them into a complete team. Building a rational team with many unique strengths will help you easily win many other opponents.

haki the lost treasure 3

Many activities are prepared for users to experience; especially you will experience intense 9 vs 9 battles. Many unique activities, along with a series of challenges and tasks, will inspire people to experience. Join many activities to connect with many other players. Diverse weather system with 3 different weather modes with beautiful effects will help the battle become more attractive.

Haki: The Lost Treasure for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Collect items

With a diverse character system and a squad of up to 9 different members, collecting equipment and using items needs to be carefully calculated. Many impressive items are arranged according to each level, so you will need to accumulate and use them appropriately. Using proper equipment will help your character get a good fighting ability, your team will fight better if all characters are well equipped. In particular, you will need to collect many different Devil Fruit. These Devil Fruit will enhance the character’s power with many special abilities. More than 200 evil fruits and 500 impressive items are waiting for you to collect, use them wisely to get more exciting battles.

haki the lost treasure 4


Haki: The Lost Treasure is an attractive online game, many unique activities that help you experience it continuously and never get bored. Join your friends to get more help and share fun stories while experiencing this game. Experience the game right now to get compelling journeys and feel the fierce competition when searching for treasure.