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Are you a good at planning and smart calculation? What will you do when you become a real boss? Let Happy Mall Story: Sim Game help you complete interesting questions on. In this game, you will be involved in exciting business challenges and discover the work of a sales director. Business challenges are never boring, and it always brings interesting tasks to everyone. If you are ready to become a real boss, use the sharing link at the end of the article to enjoy the game.

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Your business center

Happy Mall Story: Sim Game for iOS brings attractive business challenges and gives you a chance to own a business center for yourself. You will be involved in many different business activities, and you are responsible for creating a famous commercial center.

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When you start your experience, you are provided with empty areas, and you have to build different stores to increase your income. Business is not simple and requires you to have perseverance. Besides, you need to create a stable and scientific business strategy to develop a business center. So, your business plan should be done correctly. An inaccurate decision will cause your business to collapse and fail.

Become a big boss

To create a famous shopping center, you need to have many customers come to shop. Therefore, the first task you have to do is to have a complete business plan. You need to capture customer trends and open good quality stores to serve people. Also, the construction of new stores should also be calculated accordingly. If you spend too much money to build a store but don’t get people interested, you will suffer losses.

Happy Mall Story for Android/iOS – Gameplay

There are many different shops for you to build such as restaurants, amusement parks, cinemas, bookstores, and many other things. Each store has its characteristics, and you have to build them properly so that people can easily move. For example, you can build a restaurant next to a play area so people can recharge their energy quickly. The construction and layout of shops also need your attention. Good construction will help you get more attention from people and earn a lot of profits in a short time.

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In addition to making a lot of profits, you also have to make sure the stores work well and bring satisfaction to customers. Regularly upgrade stores with many new devices to be able to serve many customers at the same time. Try to bring satisfaction to customers. Ensure your customers don’t have to wait to be served. Accumulating a lot of bonuses and gaining a lot of customer interest will help you expand your business center.

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Happy Mall Story: Sim Game brings a lot of fun and attractive entertainment images for everyone. You can develop your ability to plan for yourself by participating in this exciting game. Also, you also meet and share many beautiful images with many players in the world.