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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 222 MB
  • Date Updated: August 19, 2019

The theme of farm care is one of the popular content in the mobile game market. There are many different games released with this content and get many positive reviews from users. The challenges of this content are often not too complicated and help players create beautiful landscapes. From there, players will have fun feelings and comfort. If you are looking to discover a fascinating and gentle farm care game? You cannot skip Harvest Town, and it is now available on Googleplay.

Harvest Town 2

Familiar tasks

In addition to bringing interesting farm care tasks, Harvest Town for iOS also offers many interesting challenges for people to explore (RPG, Interaction, Puzzle, …) You have the opportunity to build and develop a beautiful farm for yourself. Besides, the producer also prepares many unique side quests to relax you after completing the main tasks. Each mission of the game will challenge your ability to plan and bring many exciting adventures when you conquer new lands.

Harvest Town for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Build a life of your own in the virtual world

With the content of care and farm management, you will be provided with a small land for management and development. At the beginning of the challenge, you will have to complete some basic tasks to develop your farm. You must take care of and improve the quality of the land where you manage to serve agricultural purposes later. After that, you have the task of buying different crops to plant and take care of them. By the time of harvest, you can collect different crops to sell and accumulate bonuses. From the accumulated bonuses, you need to create a science development plan to expand your farm.

Harvest Town 3

In addition to the task of managing the farm, producers also build markets and many mysterious lands for you to conquer. The markets in the game will allow you to trade goods with NPCs. Discover this bustling market; you can buy a variety of good-yield agricultural plants or buy a variety of different decorations to make your farm more beautiful. The system of objects and decoration tools of the game is very diverse. From there, you are allowed to build and create beautiful landscapes for your farm freely.

Harvest Town 4

The game has many unexplored lands; you have the task of discovering and conquering them to receive rare rewards. Harvest Town is built with an attractive map system with many different lands for you to move and explore. In particular, each land will be prepared with mysterious environments and caves for you to overcome. In dangerous lands and caves, you will get many unique missions to perform. From there, you can unlock and accumulate valuable treasures for your farm development purpose.