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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 447 MB
  • Date Updated: August 14, 2019

Before the impressive success of RPG games on mobile platforms. Arcade games are always a reasonable choice for people to relax. Among the released arcade games, classic aircraft shooting challenges have always received a lot of attention from everyone. This is a familiar content and associated with the childhood of many people. This classic shooting challenge possesses simple gameplay but still provides a lot of fun for players. Not only participating in fighting on large maps, but the challenges of this genre also require players to have calm and perseverance to complete the task.

hawk – alien arcade shooter freedom 2

If you need to discover an arcade game with classic aircraft shooting content, HAWK – Force of an Arcade is the name that best suits you at the present time. Intense battles and many impressive enemies are waiting for you to conquer in front. Get ready for epic aerial battles and defeat all enemies to create many exciting achievements.

hawk – alien arcade shooter freedom 3

The fierce and monumental battles

HAWK – Force of an Arcade for iOS will bring unique battles for everyone to relax. Also, the game allows you to explore a variety of exciting fighters along with a variety of powerful weapons systems. Challenges will be prepared at different levels, and you must constantly fight to overcome the required tasks. Note, you will face many enemies at once, and you need smart controls to survive on these fierce battlefields.

HAWK – Force of an Arcade for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Attractive missions and beautiful weapons systems

The main goal you need to complete is to kill all enemies that appear on the map. Your number of enemies will increase with each level. Therefore, you must move and control your fighter plane to destroy many enemies. During the process of performing the mission, the opponent will attack you continuously with many different weapons. So you need to have quick reflexes to avoid enemy attacks and destroy them quickly.

hawk – alien arcade shooter freedom 4

In addition to fighting enemies, you also have to deal with various BOSS types. Each level will give you a different type of BOSS. You can only discover new levels after defeating the BOSS at the current level. In particular, each BOSS will own a separate weapon system, and they are very dangerous. If you don’t move wisely, BOSS can quickly defeat you in a short period of time. Also, the BOSS possesses many skills that can cause wide area damage. Therefore, you need to be calm to choose the right direction and beat the BOSS.

hawk – alien arcade shooter freedom 1

To fight multiple enemies at the same time, HAWK – Force of an Arcade will prepare people for various weapons systems to use. With a variety of weapons systems, players will enjoy many beautiful battle images. In particular, each weapon system will be designed with its effects for you to experience. You can explore new weapons systems after upgrading your aircraft or collecting rewards that appear on the way.