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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: January 24, 2019

Adventure Code – The most popular strategy game maker today. Their products are the best compared to similar products. If you and people are interested in the strategy genre, this is a manufacturer that deserves your attention. They bring high-quality products along with very attractive statements: We are committed to creating the most interesting strategy game that everyone loves!. And the latest product they bring to you is called Haze of War. A unique strategy game that brings authentic battles with good graphics quality and no minus points. What are you waiting for without quickly experiencing?

haze of war 2


Haze of War for iOS brings a lot of intense and globally competitive battles. The game is highly rated when combined with two addictive elements, RPG and SLG. You will get the most attractive combat journey, the opportunity to compete with many people around the world to affirm your leadership talents. Create a military force of their own, constantly fighting to expand influence and become a great ruler.

Haze of War for Android/iOS – Gameplay


With online strategy elements, you must build your own country and create an alliance with many players. Defeat all opponents; different alliances dare to hinder you and your alliance members. To grow and survive in this fierce competition, you need to implement a proper construction strategy with many different buildings such as barracks, factories, warehouses, and many other important buildings. Successfully building important buildings helps create a stable development for your country. Recruit and train soldiers to be ready to fight many enemies, build a diverse military force with many different soldiers. Development must go along with war, in addition to helping your country grow steadily. Players need to participate in many different battles to exploit resources and enhance the ability to command troops.

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Haze of War APK Mod offers many different game modes with complex challenges that help the experience not be repeated. You have the opportunity to participate in modes such as PVP, PVE, GVG, and GVE. In which PVP and GVG bring exciting battles when you are randomly arranged to fight with different players or allies PVE mode and GVE brings battles with AI helps you train and create many different strategies. You can fight alone or fight in groups; battles will be played on many different maps with many beautiful details. The design of the game is varied and offers many beautiful images.

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Are you ready?

Haze of War with attractive online competition is waiting for you to discover, the manufacturer encourages you to join your friends to have more enjoyable experiences. The image of the game is faithfully designed with 3D graphics and sharp details. The impressive types of soldiers and combat vehicles make the battle more spectacular.