• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 10 MB
  • Date Updated: January 13, 2019

Hello Zombie – A world of impressive puzzles awaits your discovery. The puzzle of this game gives you and everyone the most interesting experience. Many unique puzzle systems will be used to challenge your logical thinking ability. This product is well prepared with many fascinating challenges produced by Italic Games – a manufacturer with puzzle-themed products. Currently, this game is available on App Store and Googleplay.

hello zombie 4

Interesting puzzle

Hello Zombie for iOS is released to meet the needs of simple and gentle entertainment, suitable for everyone’s busy life. This game brings a very interesting and understandable content. You will be participating in simple but unique puzzles. You will have to observe and perform smart actions to solve the puzzle of the game. You will receive missions to kill zombies at each level. Players will have to come up with the best options to kill zombies.

hello zombie 1


Specifically, you will touch the screen and create smart paths to bring a bomb to the standing zombie position. When the bomb hits the zombies, they will explode, which means you have completed the mission. If you create bad paths, the bomb will not reach the location of the zombie, and you will have to play again. Create more accurate paths to quickly kill zombies and complete challenges. These challenges require careful concentration and calculation; players are encouraged to think carefully before acting.

hello zombie 2

With attractive puzzle elements, the manufacturer has created more than 300 different levels. The levels are prepared with lots of impressive obstacles to challenge your thoughts. In addition to destroying zombies, you will have to collect beautiful stars in each level. Collecting stars and destroying zombies successfully will make you feel more interested in this game. Overall, this game is very simple and fun, but you will encounter many unique challenges to master the game. Challenges and obstacles are always carefully prepared with realistic physical principles. Create precise paths with scientific calculations to overcome these fascinating puzzles.

Hello Zombie for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The simple and impressive image system

Hello Zombie APK Mod has impressive 2D graphics in lovely cartoon style. Simple but well-designed image system with lots of interesting details. Also, simple images help the game get small size – 10 MB, making it easy to set up and experience although the graphics do not have many highlights but are harmoniously combined with the content of the game to bring fascinating puzzles.

hello zombie 3

You will love this game

Simple content and images but prepared with a variety of interesting challenges will help you have a lot of addictive experiences. In particular, with an easy-to-understand control system, you can freely experience this game anywhere. Improve your thinking ability and explore your limits by quickly experiencing Hello Zombie and completing the fascinating puzzles of the game.