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  • Date Updated: August 15, 2018

Trees are an integral part of nature, making our planet cleaner. Also, humans use a wide variety of products from plant varieties. You can not live if you do not eat plant-based foods. Therefore, there are many people who are doing the planting work and creating the products from the tree to meet the needs of the user. Hempire – Plant Growing Game is a tree simulation game from LBC Studios Inc. This game will allow the player to become a farmer. However, you will only need to do the job of planting different types of plants to create the product. Specifically, this game is like simulating the work of creating a large garden. Sure, the player will be curious about it. Let’s learn about Hempire – Plant Growing Game for Android.

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At the start of the game, you will own a pretty small garden. You can use your garden to grow different plants. The game will also give the player a small amount of money; you can use the amount that the game offers to buy the seeds from the store. With the best quality seeds, you will start planting your plants. The game is simulated just like in real life; you will have to do the planting jobs like in real life. You will have to do things like watering, fertilizing, cutting leaves of plants, harvesting products … Players can perform these tasks easily with their fingers. Then you can use these kinds of products to create new plants or sell them to make money.

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You can get a larger amount of money when selling different products that you create. With the money you receive, you will use the bonus to upgrade the garden or buy higher-priced crops. You can expand your business empire to other big cities, and you will earn more money when you expand your business. If you buy higher-level plants, they will help you get better products. You can also make a lot of money by selling better products to your customers. You will become a great entrepreneur when making the right decisions to help your company grow stronger.

Hempire – Weed Growing Game – Build an Epic 420 Empire

Unique graphics

Hempire – Plant Growing Game Mod Diamonds has a unique 2D graphic design. Characters and trees in this game are designed in cartoon style. However, the plants are simulated like real life to give the player the most realistic experience. The game interface is also very intuitive and easy to use, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to get familiar with the basic features of this game.

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In brief

If you are a business or you want to create a large garden, Hempire – Plant Growing Game will meet your needs. This game will give players the most rewarding experience when they become a trader. You can download the game easily through the link below the article.