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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.4 or later
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  • Date Updated: May 9, 2018

Today, we will introduce you to a very popular MMORPG in Thailand called Heroes Age. The game was released by Virtual Realms. You will be entering into a world of wonder; this world exists so many different races that the earth does not have. These races live together peacefully; this world will be beautiful when this peace is lasting forever. But until one day, a dark force coming from another dimension threatens the survival of the races. The war between lovers of peace and the invaders has begun, the races have sent their best heroes to fight this evil power. Can this world return as it used to? Heroes can brave defeat dark forces? Let’s find out about Heroes Age for Android.

heroes age 1

The cruel war

When participating in Heroes Age for iOS, the player will be immersed into a hero. You can choose your race in the custom section. Also, you can choose from different warrior classes such as Mage, Druid, Ranger, Warrior and Rogue. You will be joining the fateful battle with other players in Thailand. Your task is to control your hero performing the tasks that the game offers to become stronger. The game has a wide variety of tasks that players can choose from, which will help players make more money and precious items. Maps of the game are very large; players can freely explore the mystery of the game and find new lands. Big locations will have powerful bosses; you can ask other players to help defeat the boss and get more experience, money, equipment … rare.

heroes age 6

Heroes Age Online Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG)

You can create groups with other players across Thailand. The game features Voice chat, where players can talk freely and exchange experience with other players. Moreover, you can exchange and purchase different kinds of items with other players. You will be able to buy the items needed to enhance your character. Moreover, you can join the Clan similar to the guild feature in the traditional RPG game. Players will be able to play against other clans in the game to receive valuable rewards. The game also has many other unique features for players to explore and experience.

heroes age 4

Impressive graphics and sound

Heroes Age APK Mod is designed with impressive 3D graphics. Characters and monsters in the game are very clear and sharp. Players will be surprised when a manufacturer is not so well known for bringing excellent image quality for their products. The skill is shown very eye-catching, players can feel the severity of the battle in the game. Monster sounds and skill effects are very realistic and give a great impression to players.

heroes age 2


Heroes Age is a very noticeable MMORPG in 2018. The current game only supports the Thai market. You can participate in this game experience easily because the game supports English and some popular languages. The game will give players the best experience. If you like this game, you can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.