• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 52 MB
  • Date Updated: February 26, 2019

Do you love chess and the fascinating strategic elements of this game? What will you do if you experience all-new chess matches with lively characters? Let’s explore Heroes Auto Chess to enjoy a completely new chess experience. Discover interesting strategic elements with an impressive chess table, arrange characters to fight on many different positions. The game is currently released by OneTonGames and is available on Googleplay.

heroes auto chess 1

One of the most engaging games

When you first experience, you will have a feeling that this game is similar to DOTA Auto Chess. However, this game has a completely new design, and it is small in size, making it easy for players to set up on multiple devices. You do not need to own a device that is too complicated to participate in the experience. You will discover many different interesting characters; each character will be a chess piece for you to arrange and fight on the board. Collect the most powerful characters to experience more exciting battle battles.

heroes auto chess 2


Heroes Auto Chess for iOS will require you to perform tasks and participate in many other battles to collect many characters in the game. You are allowed to explore various character classes with three separate races. Each class of characters and races will possess their characteristics and fighting abilities. Therefore, depending on the ability to arrange and exploit characters when fighting you will get different results.

Heroes Auto Chess – Strategy & tactics war game!

With the task of collecting characters, you must create a strong army of your own. To collect and use many characters, you need to have a reasonable strategy when you experience. The first is the ability to calculate and use bonuses to unlock characters. In addition to use, you also have to make various changes and upgrades for each character. Therefore, the calculation and use of bonuses is an important task. Reasonable spending helps you own a powerful army and easily defeat many enemies. If using unreasonable bonuses, the characters will not be developed stable and cause your battle squad to encounter many disadvantages before the enemy.

Great battle

Currently, you are only allowed to experience PVE battle mode, while PVP mode will be developed in later versions of the game. The battlefield will take place on a chess board, and you must arrange characters in different positions to fight. The arrangement of characters needs concentration, and careful calculations as these are the deciding factor for your victory in each match. In battle, you need to arrange the character appropriately and judge the direction of the enemy’s movement to come up with reasonable solutions. Observe enemies and control characters wisely to defeat enemies quickly.

heroes auto chess 3

Simple graphics

Heroes Auto Chess for Android has a good image quality along with interesting boxy design style from the character to the theme of the game. The characters are prepared with many beautiful costumes and smooth movements. Although it does not have a high image quality like DOTA Auto Chess, it does have a small size (52 MB), making it easier to set up. In general, image quality is good and creates the necessary experience for players.

heroes auto chess 4

Final evaluation

Heroes Auto Chess is an attractive challenge for players interested in strategic and chess elements. Many exciting challenges along with unique battle images will make you love this game.