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Fighting in groups is always a fascinating topic and creates many crazy challenges for players to enjoy. Owning and controlling battle groups requires players to have fast logical thinking. Also, it requires you to have the calmness to control the battlefield and make reasonable strategies to win.

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If you want to enjoy team battles and want to challenge your leadership? Download and discover Heroes Infinity. With this game, you will discover an impressive magical world with many powerful warriors from many different lands. The magnificent fighting skills effects are waiting for you to enjoy, join right now so as not to miss the intense and exciting battles.

World of heroes

Heroes Infinity APK Mod is designed and released by DIVMOB. It is now available on Googleplay with the latest updated version. Join the game; you have the opportunity to explore the world of legendary heroes from many different cultures. The characters of the game are based on legendary characters from many different countries in the world (Greece, Egypt…). In addition to exploring a diverse system of characters, you must compete with many other players. The online competition will give you great entertainment time.

Heroes Infinity – Blade & Soul – Online Offline Strategy RPG


With a team battle style, you and everyone need to complete different challenges to be able to summon new characters. At the beginning of the game, you are provided with some basic characters to experience and perform tasks. From these basic characters, you must complete many different challenges (from simple to complex) to be able to use new characters. Each completed mission will give you rewards and opportunities to use many other powerful characters.

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The character system and combat skills will be arranged according to different functions. Some characters will possess the ability to inflict great damage to enemies and have a DPS mission in the party. Conversely, some characters can cause low damage but have good resistance and are responsible for protecting team members from being built and designed based on myths. You have the opportunity to meet and use some outstanding characters such as Dracula, Achilles, Perseus, Thor,…

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Game mode

Heroes Infinity has many attractive game modes and promises to bring a lot of fun to everyone. You can explore unique game modes such as Campain, Starport, Raid BOSS, Sky tower, or Arena Champion. First, Campain mode will help you become familiar with the game’s character control tasks and manipulations. This mode will give you more experience points to upgrade the character you own. Starport mode will help you collect special crystal pieces from summoning mythical characters. Sky tower is a unique game mode and allows you to test many different battle teams to get attractive rewards.

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In particular, Raid BOSS mode will be divided into two different levels for everyone to enjoy (BOSS and Super BOSS). With Raid BOSS – BOSS, you are tasked with battling powerful BOSS to collect valuable items. As for Raid BOSS – Super BOSS, you have to fight dangerous BOSS and possess crazy attack skills. The challenges of Raid BOSS – Super BOSS will require you to have a lot of time to join because these BOSS are very difficult to destroy.