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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 96 MB
  • Date Updated: September 24, 2019

Complex intellectual challenges are a playground for players to show their ability to think fast and persevere. Hidden Hotel is an impressive and suitable puzzle game for intellectual challenge lovers to discover right now. Not only offering unique puzzle challenges, but WhaleApp LTD manufacturer also brings exciting hotel construction and management tasks for everyone to experience. If you are interested in the compelling content of this game, you can use the share link at the end of the article to set up and explore it quickly.

hidden hotel 2


Coming to Hidden Hotel for iOS, you will discover the Miami city famous for its beautiful and bustling beaches. Among the city’s luxury hotels, one was abandoned after being hit by a major earthquake. And you have been invited to this abandoned hotel with the task of renovating and helping it return to a normal operation like other five-star hotels. However, the task of upgrading and repairing a large hotel will not be simple, and you must have the patience to complete these fascinating challenges.

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Complete the puzzles to fix the hotel

If you want to upgrade and repair the hotel, you need to complete the missions of the game. Instead of the familiar match-3 challenges like other games, you will be taking on entirely new challenges. The game will give you a list with a variety of different objects for you to collect.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery -Renovate old mysterious hotel

This list will be arranged at the bottom of the screen and corresponding to each list is a context with many different types of objects. At the scene is provided with a variety of different objects (though, books, thick, hats, …). You have the task of collating with the list provided to search and collect items required by the game. Note that the initial challenges will be relatively simple and not limited in time during the challenge. And the objects to collect will be arranged in an easy-to-see way, helping you quickly complete challenges. In contrast, later challenges will have limited time to perform tasks and objects will be arranged in more complex locations. Therefore, you must be able to observe well and calculate the time to perform the task appropriately.

hidden hotel 1

Completing challenges in accordance with the requirements of Hidden Hotel in the fastest time will help you receive many gold coins and unique rewards. With gold coins and attractive rewards accumulated, you can catch the task of renovating and repairing the hotel. The hotel repairs will take place in different stages. The first stages are to clean the hotel and provide a cleaner space. Then, you can go to the game store to buy furniture and redecorate the hotel. There are many beautiful interior designs with different art styles for you to explore. From there, upgrade and rebuild the hotel according to your artistic style.