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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 57 MB
  • Date Updated: June 24, 2019

In fairs or amusement parks, throwing iron cans is a classic and popular game around the world. This classic game requires players to persevere and watch carefully to complete the challenge. With this unique content, mobirix has designed and released Hit & Knockdown. This classic challenge has simple gameplay, and everyone can relax while working. With busy work and life like today, games with easy-to-understand content are always the top choices of everyone.

hit knock down 2

Simple and addictive game

Hit & Knockdown APK Mod brings challenges to throwing iron cans very attractive. You are asked to take down the iron cans arranged in different levels prepared in front of you. To throw the iron cans stacked on top of each other, the player must observe and make perfect throws. Each shot accurately and spill all the iron cans on the device’s screen will help you get many different scores. Before making each pitch, you need to choose the reasonable throw angle to spill all the iron cans at the same time. Selecting the scientific throw angles also helps you complete the challenge in a short time. Conversely, choosing unreasonable throwing angles will cause you to make more pitches to get past the current level.

hit knock down 3

Challenges and diverse objects

Throwing iron cans are stacked up very simply, but you need to have scientific calculations to complete them quickly. To bring many interesting challenges to everyone, the task of throwing iron cans will be arranged at many different levels. In each level, the number of iron cans will vary. In particular, the higher the level, the greater the throwing distance. So you need to be persistent and watch carefully before making each shot.

Hit & Knock down – Hit the target

Besides taking down the iron cans stacked in many different shapes, players can use many different balls to overcome the challenges of the game. You can use balls like baseball, volleyball, football, tennis ball and many different types of balls at each level.

hit knock down 4

The wise calculation is the key to victory

To pass the levels, you need to break down all the pre-arranged iron cans. Each level will give you a certain number of balls to use. If you complete the challenge and have not used up all the balls provided, you will receive additional bonus points. Conversely, if you use up all the balls provided and have not completed the task, you must play again. With the limited number of balls, players need to focus and calculate smartly when making shots.

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Hit & Knockdown is an interesting game with simple and gentle images. Owning easy-to-understand gameplay and simple images, the game will get a small size (56 MB) and make it easy to set up on many different devices. In addition to offline challenges, the game also allows you to enjoy attractive PVP challenges. Discover with friends to relax and have the best time.