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  • Platforms: iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 194 MB
  • Date Updated: August 27, 2019

In addition to offline challenges, simple content games are now prepared with attractive online challenges. Among the simple and gentle games popular on the globe, Hoop Stars is now a name that has received much attention from everyone. Join this game, you will discover exciting gameplay and promise to bring you endless fun after a hard day’s work. Not only is it suitable to relax in your free time, but this game also allows you to enjoy the match online and compete with other players.

Hoop Stars 2

Simple and easy game

Hoop Stars for iOS has a straightforward task and it does not require you to have many complex control operations. You can easily relax with one-hand wherever you want. With a simple control system, you will enjoy the game while walking or traveling by public transport.

Hoop Stars for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Unique challenge

The manufacturer will provide you with a ring and you have the task of repeatedly tapping the device’s screen to move the ring through the ball arranged in the middle of the screen. A ball will be arranged in the middle of the air and you have to control skillfully to control the provided ring to move through this ball. Each successful move will earn one point. Successful move many times will help you to create high achievements.

Hoop Stars 3

To help players freely explore and relax, the manufacturer has prepared two different game modes. Two prepared game modes include Challenges and Customize. In particular, Challenges will bring certain requirements for you to overcome. Join this mode, you have the task of fulfilling the requirements of the game. Each match will make its requirements and you must complete them with reasonable controls. In particular, this mode will have no time limit. Therefore, you can relax and persevere to overcome the required tasks.

Hoop Stars 4

As for Customize mode, you will be able to compete with many players worldwide. This mode will bring you attractive matches. Each match of this mode will have a limit on the duration of the task. Therefore, you need to have fast and accurate operations to defeat your opponent. In the time allowed, you must score more points than your opponent to win. However, winning a match online will not be simple. Also, to be limited in time to perform the task, you must have perseverance. The manipulation of the game is very simple, but to score a lot, you must have precise control.

Hoop Stars 4


Hoop Stars is an engaging game and it is suitable for all ages. With compelling content, SayGames LLC producer has brought people a great option to relax. If you are interested, explore and set up the game with the link shared at the end of the article.