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  • Date Updated: August 31, 2019

From the famous sport of basketball, the manufacturers quickly designed and brought fascinating tasks for people to explore. Some games related to this sport will give players familiar tasks such as managing a club or participating in exciting matches to create many high scores. Overall, each game will have its unique challenges for everyone to relax.

hop hop dunk 2

Besides the complex gameplay above, some basketball-related games are also designed with understandable content. For example, Hop Hop Dunk is a unique game and offers ingenious control challenges. In this game, you are asked to control intelligently to get the ball through the required circles. Controlling and moving the ball through many different circles requires patience. Besides, it also requires you to have a lot of precise control and avoid obstacles along the way.

hop hop dunk 3

Simple movement

Hop Hop Dunk for iOS will bring simple movements along with the vertical screen, and you need to touch the screen repeatedly to experience. Touch the right of the screen for the ball to move to the left. And touch the left of the screen, so the ball moves to the right. Besides yes, the circles will be arranged in many different positions, and you must move continuously to reach the required position. Successfully moving through each required circle will help you get the high score. In particular, you complete the tasks in a short time also helps you create more outstanding achievements.

Hop Hop Dunk for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many obstacles and pitfalls to overcome

In addition to the task of moving the ball through the required circle, the player also has the task of staying away from dangerous obstacles and traps in the way. If you let the ball touch these pitfalls, your ball will explode, and the task will stop. Therefore, you need to capture the locations of obstacles and pitfalls to get the right moves.

hop hop dunk 4

In the early stages of the game, the number of obstacles and traps that appear along the way will be minimal. However, later stages of the game will be prepared with many different types of obstacles and pitfalls. The number of obstacles and traps will appear more on the way. Therefore, you need concentration and perseverance to avoid dangerous obstacles.

In particular, the obstacles and pitfalls are also arranged in different colors. In it, the pitfalls and obstacles in orange are dangerous. You need to avoid colliding with these colored obstacles. On the contrary, you can collide with yellow obstacles and use them to reach the required circle position to go through.

hop hop dunk 1

Collect beautiful balls

To help you have a fun experience, Hop Hop Dunk also offers lots of balls with beautiful colors and symbols to collect. Each ball of the game will design with a variety of colors and familiar symbols (Deadpool, Batman, …) for everyone to use. To collect new balls, you need to complete special requirements. With dozens of balls of different colors and symbols, many unique challenges are waiting for you to overcome.